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10 things you need to check for when getting a Rabbit

There are number of things to check for when getting a rabbit for the first time. Here is a list of 10 that is good to think about before you get your first bunny.

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10 things you need to check for when getting a Rabbit

  1. Think about how your family will be around them before getting a rabbit. Having a rabbit will affect your family, from the care that they need to how your family members will respond to it. If you have younger children for example, they will need watching when they are around the rabbit to ensure that they treat it property and with care. Its important that the rabbit has a loving home and is enjoyed by all family members.
  2. Think about what happens to them during your vacation times. Rabbits need looking after. Not much looking after, but checking on a daily basis at a minimum. Think about who is going to look after your rabbit whilst you go on vacation. Will it be a friend, neighbour,family member, or is their a local rabbit hostel that you can pay to put them in whilst you are away?
  3. Think about how you are going to relate to your rabbit. Rabbits like affection and respond with affection. Of course, they will vary from rabbit to rabbit, but on the  whole they are affectionate creatures. Most don’t enjoy being picked up, but they do enjoy being around humans. So think about how much time you have to spend time with them, before getting a rabbit.
  4. Think about what you are going to feed them.Have an idea of what rabbits eat and enjoy, not to mention what nutrition they require to keep them healthy. Rabbits need fibre first and foremost, followed by good fresh water, topped up by veggies. Understand what they can and can’t eat. For example, it is a common misconception that lettuce is a common staple of rabbits, but it isn’t good for them to eat all the time. They need hay most of all which provides the fibre they need.
  5. Think about litter training your rabbit. One of the great things about rabbits is that they can be litter trained. This can solve a whole lot of problems going forward, but it does require a bit of pain to get through. Having a litter trained rabbit will mean a less messy rabbit to look after.
  6. Think about where they are going to live. Its important to know where you are going do put your rabbit. They are social animals and like company, just putting them outside on their own is going to make for a pretty miserable existence for them. Think about putting them in any area where they are going to get contact with others
  7. Think about the type of hutch they are going to live in, before getting a rabbit. What type of hutch have you got in mind for them to live in? It needs to be a good size that they can move around in. Is it dry, waterproof, free of mould and damp? What about access to grass, will you provide a run for them to exercise? Rabbits love to run around and have a better quality of life when they can run around.
  8. Think about how much a rabbit costs. The thing about rabbits is that they cost money. They cost money to get either from a pet store, or to adopt. Then they need food, housing, bedding and maybe some toys to amuse them. They need ongoing food, bedding, vet fees, which all cost money on an ongoing basis. Think about how this is going to impact your daily budget and factor these costs in before getting a rabbit.
  9. Think about how you will rabbit proof where they run. Wherever you have your rabbit that area is going to need checking that it doesn’t escape. If you are keeping it in your home letting it run around, then anything you don’t want chewed will need to be kept out of their way. Rabbits will eat anything and wont discriminate in what they chew on. This includes cables, wires, carpet, rugs, papers, basically anything and everything.
  10. Think about keeping your rabbit entertained. If they are bored, rabbits are trouble. They will find other things to do such as dig holes, chew stuff. So look to provide entertainment for them such as empty toilet rolls, old books, papers, twigs and branches for them to chew on that don’t mind them chewing on. This will keep them out of trouble and entertained. It is worth thinking about getting another rabbit to live with them as well, to keep them company. As social animals they are much better and enjoy life more when they haver company. Another rabbit of the same sex would definitely benefit them.

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