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19 Tips To Help Your Groom Your Rabbit

Rabbits are very good at looking after themselves generally.

They can behave like they are very independent and hardy animals but beneath the bushy hair they are actually quite delicate. Their skin is very delicate and is the reason why they need the coats they have and so they sometimes need a helping hand to help groom themselves.

They are very clean animals and will look to keep themselves as clean as possible using their tongue and paws.

Most of the time they will not require any assistance with this.

However, there are things that they just cannot do that will require the assistance of diligent and caring owners.


It’s good to be helpful friend

By grooming your rabbit and giving them a helping hand with the things that they cannot do, they will really value the time you have spent doing this.

They are creatures that take pride in keeping themselves well kept, and so any assistance you can provide in making this happen is appreciated by them.

So here are 19 tips to help groom Your rabbit

1.Shedding is part of a rabbit’s life. Some rabbits may seem to do this continuously. Some rabbits have patterns of shedding

When they start to shed, large amounts of hair will start to come out.

When a rabbit is shedding their hair, you can pluck their hair. However, be aware that most rabbits will not like this.

But you will have to do this otherwise you won’t be able to get the comb through it sufficiently.

When this occurs, the rabbit may just start grooming themselves naturally.

2. They need to be groomed and brushed at least once a week. When they do this, they will naturally ingest hair.

There will always be hair lining their stomach, unfortunately, and it slows down their gut. This is unavoidable. However, rabbits will get hairballs build up if they ingest too much. But you can make life a bit easier for them by grooming them.

3. Use particular brushes. To help groom them then use a specialist flea comb or a brush to help comb their hair through. A method to comb their facial and ear hair is to use an eyebrow comb which has fine comb points that will get into the minute places to remove sand particles and such like from their hair.

4. Grooming the top of the tail is an important task as it is a hard place for them to reach.When you groom them here, you will usually get a good amount of hair out.

When they get older and more obese, this will especially be the case.

5. Long haired rabbits require a lot more attention than their short-haired cousins

6. Fleas can be an issue with rabbits. Use a flea comb or get some good advice from your veterinarian.

7. Beware of bathing your rabbit. They are very stressful experiences for them. They bathe themselves and look to keep themselves very clean. You will not usually have to bathe your rabbit in water. Only in exceptional circumstances should this be done.

8. You can often remove a very large percentage of hair by just pulling it out with your hand. But be gentle

9. A mat of hair should not be cut off with scissors

10. Get advice from a veterinarian on any skin disorders.

11. To clean the scent glands or to not clean the scent glands? Some owners clean the rabbit’s scent glands. They are very hard to see but are on either side of the genital area. They will be a waxy substance and will have a coffee-like scent. Just make sure that there is nothing obstructing the scent glands and make sure your rabbit can clean them without an issue.

12. Trim nails in exceptional circumstances.

13. Their nails can be trimmed in the right places

14. Don’t let them have sore feet.

15. Take extra care with a rabbit with incontinence.

16. Take extra care with a rabbit with incontinence.

17. Use care when dealing with ear waxMake sure their teeth are in shape

18. Make sure their teeth are in shape.

19. Check their eyes for eye discharge










how much space does a rabbit need

How Much Space Does A Rabbit Need?

When you see some rabbits in their households, they are often placed within their hutch’s on their own and without company.

Its a pretty sad sight when you see a rabbit on their own in such a confined space.

image wikipedia

Because the thing with rabbits is that they are not designed to live in a small space.

Why can’t rabbits live in small spaces.

When they are out in the wild they are very much used to living in vast great areas where they have the freedom of the area they are in.

They love to live in large groups and do not enjoy it when they live alone. They are very sociable animals who love to hang out with each other. They use each other to defend each other against predators who look to attack them.

So if rabbits need a good amount of space to live in, how much space does a rabbit need?

How large should a rabbit hutch measure?

A typical hutch should measure 6 ft x 2ft x 2 ft high accoring to the RWAF. This is Britain’s largest organisation for rabbit lovers!

The RWAF has existed since 1996 and is the combined effort of the Rabbit Welfare Association and its charity partner, the Rabbit Welfare Fund, working to improve the lives of domestic rabbits across the UK through education and communication by making people realise that rabbits are intelligent creatures that need space, exercise, companionship and stimulation and are not to be bought on a whim. (source RWAF).

This is the minimum size and the smallest it a hutch should be.

Why do rabbits need large amount of spaces?

Having a large amount of space allows the rabbit to move around, to eat, sleep, stand on their hind legs and have space for each rabbit to call their own.

It gives them the freedom to live and to not be cramped in the living space they are in.

However the more space they have the better for them.

There are some great hutches out there which allow you to give your rabbits the space they need, some are expensive however you can get some real bargains out there.

Why rabbits need a run to exercise in

Its not just a hutch they need, they need a run as well.

This is because they need a space to move around which is separate from their living space.

This gives them space to exercise so that they aren’t just stuck in one place all of the time.

A run is vital for them to shed the weight that they will put on if they don’t exercise.

Rabbits can quickly become obese if they don’t get the exercise that they need.

A good rabbit run run should measure 8 ft by 4 ft at a minimum in order to give them a good amount of space to run around.

This will enable them to stretch out to full height and they should be able to run around in it and not just walk around.

When rabbits have a good amount of space to live in, it really increases their quality of life and enables them to thrive in the environment that they live in.

can rabbits see in the dark

Can Rabbits See In the Dark?

If you have a rabbit you may see them up and about in the dark at night time. This may seem quite strange especially if they don’t have any light to draw upon to see where they are going. This begs the question, can rabbits see in the dark at all?

Well the thing is that rabbits can see very well in the dark. They don’t have the same problems with it that we do.

Their eyes adjust well to the darkness and as prey animals they are built to be able to move around at night and evade their predators.

They also use their keen sense of smell to make their way around at night and this helps them to sense where they are going and what’s around them.

What do I need to groom my rabbit

What do I need to groom my rabbit?

What do I need to groom my rabbit? f you have a rabbit that sheds their hair, this is a pretty important task.

Most rabbits will tend to shed their hair about three times a year.Some rabbits may seem to do this continuously. Some rabbits have patterns of shedding.

When they start to shed, large amounts of hair will start to come out.

When this happens, the rabbit is naturally going to start grooming themselves.

When they do this, they will naturally injest hair.

There will always be hair lining their stomach, unfortunately. This is unavoidable.

But you can make life a bit easier for them by grooming them.

What do I need to groom my rabbit?
  1. Make sure you brush your rabbit at least once a week.
  2. If you want to do a good job, there are three types of brushes you can get;  A Pin Brush, a bristle brush and a mat rake.
  • For brushing basic a rabbit hair, get a pin brush.
  • For smoothing their fur and getting rid of any extra shed hair, use a bristle brush
  • For removing tangles which are too big, use the mat rake.

Make sure you brush your bunny more when they are shedding their fur. They shed their fur every three months and mostly during spring and fall.





My Rabbits Are Not Drinking Water

Water, especially the fresh variety is extremely important for rabbits to drink. If a rabbit doesn’t drink much water then they are quite likely to get problems in their health, particularly urinary issues and other diseases which may occur. Rabbits need drink approximately 50-100 ml across 24 hours and need access to it all of the time. This is why having a water bottle attached to their house is a vital part of making sure your rabbit is set up okay.

But what happens if they are not drinking water?

This can be a real issue for owners and one that is quite common.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help them along on this and make it more inviting for them to drink the water that you put out for them.

My rabbits are not drinking water

5 things to help them drink water

1. Give your rabbit a water dish.

Your rabbit might not like the water bottle, and find that a dish is much easier.

2. Make sure the water bottle is clean

Another thing is – scrub the bottle clean. They may be put off by the state of the water bottle. However, this is an unlikely scenario. But it is worth doing anyway.

3. Give them food that is wet

Give them food that had been washed under water and is still wet. They will glean the water from the food even though there is not much of it.

4. Make sure the water is the right temperature.

They may not like water that is too cold or even too hot.

5. Give them more hay.

How much hay does your rabbit eat?

Often rabbits who are eating a lot of hay begin to drink more water to compensate.

If your rabbit is not much of a hay eater he might not feel the need to drink much.

My Rabbit’s Ears Are Cold

My rabbit’s ears are cold

This is a symptom that many rabbit owners have testified to have seen in their rabbits.

It can be a worrying thing when you suddenly feel that your rabbit’s normally warm ears have suddenly become cold.

So what does this mean?

It is important to understand that rabbits regulate their temperature through their ears.

Cold ears are not always a sign of illness, but if the rabbit is also unusually quiet and not interested in food it is cause for concern

When a rabbit has stomach pain they often feel cold to the touch.

If they are not eating, is quiet and cold you need to call your veterinary surgeon who will be able to give further advice on the situation.

can rabbits live alone

Can Rabbits Live Alone?

Rabbits are some of the most popular pets in the world today.

They are well beloved of many owners who treasure them for their passive nature, their amenability and general cuteness.

When thinking about getting a rabbit, many future owners often reflect on the question of whether they should get one rabbit or two.

So can rabbits live alone?

Rabbits can live alone but is not their most favored way of living.

They much prefer living with another friendly rabbit and keeping one together with another bunny is the advised way of keeping them.

Unless of course you are otherwise advised by a veterinary surgeon or a qualified animal behaviorist.

Rabbits are social animals and prefer the company of other rabbits.

They form a pecking order with one becoming more dominant than the other.

Some animals become more dominant that others, and is a perfectly normal situation.

If they are left alone, rabbits can unfortunately develop behavior that is not normal for them.

Rabbits that are left with nothing to do and with no company for long periods can suffer as a result.

It can be bad for their well being.

If your rabbit has to be kept alone, make sure that they have regular companionship.

A good combination to keep is a neutered male and a neutered female.

When they are neutered, it reduces the risk that they will fight.

Bring them inside as indoor rabbits.

This way they can feel part of your family and benefit from the interaction they will have with your family.

Believe it or not, they will gain a lot from spending time with your family and the conversation that occurs within the household.

Make sure that you provide things for them to do to ensure that they are not bored during down time when there is no one in the house.

Introducing your rabbit to another

If you want to introduce a rabbit to your pet so that they don’t get bored then this is an admirable thing to do.

When introducing new rabbits to each other, this needs to be done gradually and under supervision.

This also needs to be done in a space which is unfamiliar to both rabbits.

Rabbits that are introduced together as adults may fight to start with.

So have two separate places for them and gradually introduce them together in supervised times.

Have set periods of time for them to spend with each other and get ready to pull them out if things start to get tetchy in there.

my rabbits eyes are red

My Rabbits Eyes Are Red

Rabbits get red eye when there is the appearance of blood vessels in the eyeball.

This causes a swelling or irritation in the eyelid of the rabbit.

So what happens if I find that ‘my rabbits eyes are red?’

If you find that your rabbit has red eye then they need veterinary assistance immediately.

It is usually a symptom of something more serious.

Possible illnesses they might be indicating include;

  • bacterial infections,
  • conjunctivitis,
  • keratitis,
  • glaucoma,
  • dental diseases.

A rabbit friendly veterinarian will run an analysis to discover the core issue affecting your bunny.

They can then prescribe a course of action to help them recover.

For a more detailed analysis check out Pet MD

how long will my pet rabbit live

How Long Will My Pet Rabbit Live?

One of the more unsettling things about owning a rabbit is not knowing how long they are going to live.

Having a pet rabbit is one of the best pets you can have.

They are joyous creatures to have as a companion and a pet and can provide much pleasure to their owners.

So how long will my pet rabbit live?

The answer is…

You can really influence the length of time that your rabbit will live for.

The amount of time, money and love that you invest in your rabbit, will mean that they can live to achieve their full potential if you want them to.

As their owner, you can give them the food and nutrition that they need to eat to stay healthy, the water they need to drink, the health care they need to fight any afflictions and diseases that come their way.

You can really affect your rabbit’s life.

A well looked after rabbit who lives indoors for most of the time can live on average between 7-10 years.

Some rabbits have been known to even live into their teens.

The oldest in the world was a rabbit named Flopsy, who belonged to L.B. Walker of Longford, Tasmania, Australia. He was a wild rabbit who was caught on the 6th August 1964 and died 18 years and 10.75 months later.(source)

The oldest living rabbit to date is Hazel, a 16 year old miniature grey rabbit owned by Mike and Irene Womack, of Chapel Close, Pulham Market, in Norfolk, United Kingdom. (source)

So if you want your rabbit to live that bit longer there are some good things that you can do.

Here are some of the things that you could do help your rabbit live for longer;
  • Provide them with a good amount of space to live in.
  • Give them space inside your home as well as outside.
  • Provide your rabbit with a good diet
  • Give it plenty of time and attention.
  • Make sure your rabbit has plenty to chew on.
  • Find a rabbit-friendly veterinary surgeon and take them for regular checks.

Giving your rabbit the best home you can and the best care possible will give them the best possible chance of living a long life.