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putting rabbits and guinea pigs together

Can Rabbits and Guinea Pigs Live Together

Putting rabbits and guinea pigs together is something that many people have tried in the past to do.

So can rabbits and guinea pigs live together? Lets look at this further.

The similarities of Rabbits and Guinea Pigs


Rabbits and guinea pigs are both very sociable animals and both prefer to be around the company of others as opposed to being on their own.

They are both of a similar size and share a similar size of living space so you would think they would be a good fit to share a living space together.

However, upon investigation I discovered that having they share the same dwelling is actually something to be discouraged.

I realised that it is not a good idea for them to live together and there are a some good reasons for this.

Why rabbits and guinea pigs shouldn’t live together


Although they are creatures that both love to eat hay all day as well as good amounts of vegetables, they have different diets to each other and need different nutrients in their foods to the other.

A rabbit could also very easily hurt a guinea pig if they were to get angry.

With their very powerful hind legs they possess quite a heavy kick which can be very painful if it connects to a guinea pig.

This could also very easily happen by accident especially if the rabbit is leaping about a cage.

They could also bite a guinea pig either purposely or by accident. Rabbits are also very good at burrowing and could very easily get out of a cage that isn’t well rabbit-proofed.

If the rabbit goes, the guinea pig will follow.

The way a rabbit behaves and a guinea pig behaves is very different. They both have different ways of behaving which will cause stress and conflict with each other because they are unable to understand each other.

However, that’s not to say it can’t work at all.

Ways that you can make it work with a Rabbit and a Guinea Pig living together


There have been owners who have been able to make this work when they have a rabbit and a guinea pig amenable enough to get along with each other in the same cage or hutch.

There are some things to bare in mind if you do try and make this happen.

Make sure they both have an area they can retreat to get away from each other.

Make sure that they are both neutered. Make sure that their food is kept in different areas and that they are fed the appropriate diet for their needs.

can rabbits kill other animals

Can Rabbits Kill Other Animals?

Rabbits and other animals have lived alongside other animals for centuries.

As part of the animal kingdom, they are known for being part of the Lagomorph family and are prey animals.

This means that they are hunted often by other animals for food.

Animals such as foxes and birds of prey are very fond of rabbits as food.

However, the most prolific hunter of rabbits are humans who love them for their meat and fur, and of course to have them as pets.

This means that rabbits have had to develop ways of surviving.

Rabbits are great survivors

The most common way they use to avoid predators is with their speed and agility.

Rabbits can out run most animals and are capable of running up to 40 miles per hour.

This means that they can get away from their predators with ease if they want to.

But what if they are cornered and can’t get away?

This is where their other abilities come into play, such as their lethal hind legs.

Can rabbits kill other animals?

Rabbits do not tend to kill other animals as they are herbivores and have no desire to eat meat.

They can kill in self defense though and have a powerful kick which can seriously injure another animal if they so wish.

The strength of a rabbit’s hind legs

A rabbit’s hind legs are extremely powerful

Rabbits also use their hind legs to jump and can leap up to 12 ft to escape from predators.

They don’t often use this ability but it does come in useful if they are cornered or get especially annoyed or angry.

This makes them creatures that you should not mess around with as one swift kick can easily injure another animal, even a human.

However, if they do kick out, the shear force that they use to do this can break their legs in the process.

Even with that, it is said that the strength of a rabbit’s hind leg kick can break its backbone.

So do take care when handling rabbits.

You should always pick up a rabbit by placing a hand underneath its chest and then the other hand underneath its rump. This is so you can scoop it up to your chest.

It is always dangerous to give them anything to kick against.

If they do this they can severely injure you, and they can also break their legs by doing this.


Can rabbits kill cats

Can Rabbits Kill Cats

Often owners keep two or more pets in their home.

There are many types of pet, such as rabbits or cats that often live together in close proximity.

Once they are in the same vicinity there is always the potential for trouble between the two species.

So can rabbits kill cats at all?

No they can’t, however cats can kill rabbits.

They are more than capable of killing a rabbit, especially if it’s a wild rabbit.

A cat and its claws and teeth will be too much for a bunny unfortunately.

This is why its important that your rabbit is housed safely as there are always cats around who may take an interest in your bunny.
If a rabbit is in the hutch then it should be quite safe away from a cat.
So make sure they have somewhere they can retreat to if need be.
This is so that they can get out of harms way.
Also, a good idea is to make sure the run is covered and so they are protected that way as well.
can rabbits kill mice

Can Rabbits Kill Mice?

Rabbits and mice are very different creatures.

They come from totally different animal families for a start.

Rabbits from the Laporidae family and Mice from the rodent family.

As scavengers, mice are sometimes found in and around rabbit hutches looking for food.

They are pests and can scavenge for the rabbit’s food.

It’s then they become a problem and a hazard for your rabbit.

This is because mice can often become multiple mice and may even build a nest in the hutch.

Mice that come in from the wild can often carry mites which can be passed on to a rabbit.

They can also pee on the food of your rabbit and ruin it for them, not to mention bring on infection and possible disease.

image wikipedia

So can rabbits kill mice if they come into a hutch?

Yes they can if they wanted to.

Rabbits of course are incredibly strong creatures with a hind kick that can do damage to most creatures.

But they are very passive and more likely to leave them alone.

It then becomes up to us to help our rabbits and get rid of any mice that have infiltrated the hutch.

There are some solutions to this problem;

  1. Block off the underneath of hutch as much as you can.
  2. Put down a humane trap outside of the hutch. Don’t put it inside the hutch and if you are going to use poison, make sure it is away from a rabbit’s area so they don’t eat it. Put it down outside the hutch well away from their reach.
  3. Avoid putting food on the ground of the hutch. Put it on the upstairs part of a hutch.

Mice are definitely unwanted visitors to a rabbit hutch and although a rabbit could kill a mouse if it wanted to, it is unlikely to want to do so. It is up to us, to keep them away to protect our rabbits.