What do I need to groom my rabbit

What do I need to groom my rabbit?

What do I need to groom my rabbit? f you have a rabbit that sheds their hair, this is a pretty important task.

Most rabbits will tend to shed their hair about three times a year.Some rabbits may seem to do this continuously. Some rabbits have patterns of shedding.

When they start to shed, large amounts of hair will start to come out.

When this happens, the rabbit is naturally going to start grooming themselves.

When they do this, they will naturally injest hair.

There will always be hair lining their stomach, unfortunately. This is unavoidable.

But you can make life a bit easier for them by grooming them.

What do I need to groom my rabbit?
  1. Make sure you brush your rabbit at least once a week.
  2. If you want to do a good job, there are three types of brushes you can get;  A Pin Brush, a bristle brush and a mat rake.
  • For brushing basic a rabbit hair, get a pin brush.
  • For smoothing their fur and getting rid of any extra shed hair, use a bristle brush
  • For removing tangles which are too big, use the mat rake.

Make sure you brush your bunny more when they are shedding their fur. They shed their fur every three months and mostly during spring and fall.





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