10 Simple facts About Rabbits

If you’re new to them, then here 10 simple facts about rabbits to help get you started in understanding them better.

They are an often mis-understood species however they are much loved around the world with many different breeds and varieties that are bred.

10 Simple facts about rabbits

1. Rabbits are from the order Lagomorpha which is the same order as hares and pikas.

They are not rodents as many people think they are.

Source animals.about.com

2. In the wild, rabbits live in wetlands, deserts, forests, woods, and meadows and live in groups called herds in underground burrows and warrens.

Source Rabbits, Pikas and dwarf rabbits

3. They are crepuslcular creatures which means that they are most active during twilight which is at dusk and dawn.

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4. They sleep on average 8 hours a day and will do so with their eyes open like other prey animals.

They are herbivores that feed on leaves, plants and grass and need to keep chewing in order to grind their teeth down which are constantly growing.

If they don’t do this it can be quite painful for them.

Source xiang.com

5. They are often confused with hares but the main difference between them is how their kits are born.

Rabbit kits are born without hair and blind, where as hares are born with good vision and with hair.

Hares are larger than rabbits and will live above ground in nests when they are in the wild whereas rabbits will tend to live underground.

Source St Tiggywinkles

6. There are approximately 30 species of rabbit throughout the world found in various countries.

The largest population of rabbits is found in North America.

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7. They are a well known prey animal and will dig a number of burrows and warrens to make it difficult for predators to get to them.

In order to get away from their predators, they will run in a zigzag and can reach speeds of up to 18 miles per hour.

Source nps.gov

8. They breed at least three to four times a year and have litters of up to seven young.

Source Pantalogia

9. Rabbits have an ability to see 360 degrees can have the ability to see behind them to see for predators approaching.

The only place they can’t see is immediately in front of their nose.

Source riseandshinerabbiry

10. They are very affectionate animals that enjoy the company of other rabbits. They will groom each other in a process which is known as allogrooming where two rabbits will groom each other at the same time simultaneously.

Source wildlifeonline

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