19 Tips To Help Your Groom Your Rabbit

Rabbits are very good at looking after themselves generally.

They can behave like they are very independent and hardy animals but beneath the bushy hair they are actually quite delicate. Their skin is very delicate and is the reason why they need the coats they have and so they sometimes need a helping hand to help groom themselves.

They are very clean animals and will look to keep themselves as clean as possible using their tongue and paws.

Most of the time they will not require any assistance with this.

However, there are things that they just cannot do that will require the assistance of diligent and caring owners.

It’s good to be helpful friend

By grooming your rabbit and giving them a helping hand with the things that they cannot do, they will really value the time you have spent doing this.

They are creatures that take pride in keeping themselves well kept, and so any assistance you can provide in making this happen is appreciated by them.

So here are 19 tips to help groom Your rabbit

1.Shedding is part of a rabbit’s life. Some rabbits may seem to do this continuously. Some rabbits have patterns of shedding

When they start to shed, large amounts of hair will start to come out.

When a rabbit is shedding their hair, you can pluck their hair. However, be aware that most rabbits will not like this.

But you will have to do this otherwise you won’t be able to get the comb through it sufficiently.

When this occurs, the rabbit may just start grooming themselves naturally.

2. They need to be groomed and brushed at least once a week. When they do this, they will naturally ingest hair.

There will always be hair lining their stomach, unfortunately, and it slows down their gut. This is unavoidable. However, rabbits will get hairballs build up if they ingest too much. But you can make life a bit easier for them by grooming them.

3. Use particular brushes. To help groom them then use a specialist flea comb or a brush to help comb their hair through. A method to comb their facial and ear hair is to use an eyebrow comb which has fine comb points that will get into the minute places to remove sand particles and such like from their hair.

4. Grooming the top of the tail is an important task as it is a hard place for them to reach.When you groom them here, you will usually get a good amount of hair out.

When they get older and more obese, this will especially be the case.

5. Long haired rabbits require a lot more attention than their short-haired cousins

6. Fleas can be an issue with rabbits. Use a flea comb or get some good advice from your veterinarian.

7. Beware of bathing your rabbit. They are very stressful experiences for them. They bathe themselves and look to keep themselves very clean. You will not usually have to bathe your rabbit in water. Only in exceptional circumstances should this be done.

8. You can often remove a very large percentage of hair by just pulling it out with your hand. But be gentle

9. A mat of hair should not be cut off with scissors

10. Get advice from a veterinarian on any skin disorders.

11. To clean the scent glands or to not clean the scent glands? Some owners clean the rabbit’s scent glands. They are very hard to see but are on either side of the genital area. They will be a waxy substance and will have a coffee-like scent. Just make sure that there is nothing obstructing the scent glands and make sure your rabbit can clean them without an issue.

12. Trim nails in exceptional circumstances.

13. Their nails can be trimmed in the right places

14. Don’t let them have sore feet.

15. Take extra care with a rabbit with incontinence.

16. Take extra care with a rabbit with incontinence.

17. Use care when dealing with ear waxMake sure their teeth are in shape

18. Make sure their teeth are in shape.

19. Check their eyes for eye discharge

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