5 Ideas for a Rabbit Carrier

If you are looking to take rabbit home for the first time then there are a few ways you can do this. One of those way’s is obviously to buy a specialist rabbit carrier but if you don’t want to spend the money on one of those then there are several other ideas for rabbit carriers that you could utilise.

In all these ideas, make use of newspaper and hay to put in the carrier so that the rabbit is comfortable. It is also helpful to put some food in there so they have something to eat.

So here are 5 ideas for a rabbit carrier for you to consider.

Buy a specialist rabbit carrier: These can be purchased from any good pet shop or purchased second hand online. Just make sure it is in good condition and has sufficient air holes and space for them to feel comfortable for their trip to their new home.

Cardboard box: As long as the cardboard box is sufficiently large enough for the rabbit to move around in then it should be fine. Make sure that the box is taped up securely and is secure on all sides. The most important thing is that they rabbit can’t fall out of the box at all.

Small plastic dog or cat carrier: If you have a cat or a dog then you could utilise a dog or cat carrier to bring your rabbit home. These should be perfectly fine for rabbits to be carried in as well. They are normally well ventilated and have room to move around in.

A Laundry basket: Some owners have said that using a laundry basket has been sufficient to carry a rabbit home. However, place a blanket over the top to ensure that it doesn’t hop out. However, the basket has enough ventilation to aid the rabbit.

Picnic hamper: Another way is to use a picnic hamper that like a laundry basket, has plenty of holes that allow for ventilation. They also have a secure fastening to ensure that the rabbit does not hop out.

With any of these ideas, it is important that the rabbit does not stay in the carrier for long and is let out into its run as soon as possible.

Make sure there are plenty of air holes if it is a sealed container and ensure that there is a lid for the container.

Keep the container sealed until you return home.

Don’t try and carry the rabbit in your arms on the journey home.

If the rabbit tries to escape, it could injure itself by falling. Ensure it is safe above all things and you will be fine.

Try and keep the temperature for the rabbit as cool as you can.

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