5 Things to Consider When Getting a Rabbit for the First Time

Getting a rabbit for the first time can be a daunting thing. Its really hard to know what is a good rabbit or a bad rabbit, what they need, what they don’t need and how to best care for them.

The thing about rabbits is that they are known as pets that require food and clothing to be provided for them.

Rabbits are completely dependent on us for their well being and for all their needs and requirements to be catered for and subsequently understood.

With this, its really necessary to get to know a rabbit’s habits so that you can get to know when they are in distress or are sick.

Its also necessary to find time to feed, to groom as well as clean out their hutch.

There are many rabbits that have been mistreated and even abandoned because their owner underestimated what it means to look after a rabbit. However, if you are committed to looking after a rabbit, it can be such a great experience and a really rewarding thing to do.

So here are 5 Things to Consider When Getting a Rabbit for the First Time

1. The best place to get a rabbit

Rabbits can be bought from pet shops, breeders, show exhibitors, online listings and many other places.

If you want a rabbit of a very good quality standard, then going to someone who shows rabbits will give you the best standard of rabbit.

They are often the more expensive option, but showing standards are very high and the quality of the rabbit you get will be high as well.

However rabbits in pet shops tend not to be of a same high standard, and the same goes for those found in online listings such as craigslist or gumtree (UK).

It’s in these listings where the cheapest rabbits can be found.

But if  you really want to do good, then go to a rescue and get a rabbit.

There are countless rabbits that have been abandoned and need a home.

Rescues do a great job of taking these rabbits in, rehabilitating them and setting them up with great new homes.

2. The best age to get a rabbit

The best age to get a rabbit is between 12 and 16 weeks old as they will be well into their development and will have got past the stage where they are suffering from ailments that are stress-related.

These ailments can really affect those rabbits that are very young.

Also younger rabbits tend to settle much better than adults do, and are much less likely to be give you problems.

3. Rabbits living Together?

Bucks and Doe’s that have both been neutered have the ability to live together well and in peace.

Doe’s have the ability to live with one another if they come from the same litter.

However, the best scenario is when Bucks and Doe’s live with the same gender.

4. The best rabbit breeds to get for a novice

If you are looking to get a rabbit then one of the best breeds to get are the Himalayan rabbit.

This is because they are small and able to be handled easily.

They are also extremely placid and don’t usually scare easily.

Another good breed for novice rabbit owners is the Dutch Rabbit which has a reputation for being very good natured and for being a rabbit that does not mind being handled.

5. Things to look for when getting a rabbit

When you are getting a rabbit it is important to be able to handle the rabbit in order to get to examine it.

Check the coat condition of the rabbit that it is clean and glossy with their health, that their are no mites that are attacking them, and that the area around their anus is clean with no evidence of diarrhoea.

Check that their eyes are bright, and they have damp noses and their paws are wet from rubbing it.

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