7 Questions to Answer Before Getting a Rabbit

Getting a rabbit is a great thing to do.

There are so many bunnies out there that need a good home and a good owner to look after them.

So if it has crossed your mind about getting a rabbit then here are some questions that are good to answer to see if they are right for your household.

7 Questions to Answer Before Getting a Rabbit

1. Who will be responsible for the rabbit?

Rabbits are not the best pets for young children to look after. Even if you have older children, don’t forget that they will be the ones responsible for them.

They will need to be committed to feeding and maintaining them each and every day whatever the weather, no matter whether they want to or not.

2. Can you commit to having a rabbit for the long term?

They really are a long term commitment and are capable of living between 8-12 years.

If you are really thinking about getting a rabbit for your older child, then what happens to it when they pack up and leave home?

3. What about the time that rabbits need?

Looking after a rabbit takes time out of your day as they need cleaning out, grooming, feeding not to mention interacting with and playing with.

They aren’t just a pet you can just leave alone in a pen or a hutch. To have a truly happy rabbit, they need time with their owner.

4. Can you afford a rabbit?

Rabbits are not cheap to get and to maintain. T

he costs of maintaining a rabbit are real, from housing them, feeding them, getting them bedding and toys, ensuring they get care during your holidays, vaccinations and neutering.

This is not forgetting that if you get another rabbit as well, the cost of looking after them doubles.

5. Do you have the space for a Rabbit?

Rabbits need space to live and to run around and get exercise. To ensure that they get the space that they need, it will take up a proportion of .

To ensure that they get the space that they need, it will take up a proportion of your home or garden. Are you prepared to sacrifice your space in this way?

6. Are you prepared to sacrifice some of the look of your garden/home?

In addition, their hutch/pen may be unsightly and may not fit into the design aspirations you have for your property. Depending on what kind of hutch/pen you go for, it can impact what kind of ideas you have for your home or garden.

7. What happens to the rabbit when you go on holiday?

Rabbits are not good travellers and its not a good idea to take them on holiday with you. So if this is the case, what happens to them, who will you ask to look after them and are they capable of looking after them for you?

These are questions not designed to scare you, mere just to get you thinking about whether a rabbit is for you. They are amazing pets to have, but they just need the right owner who will look after them well.

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