8 Different Ideas for a Rabbit Run

If you are looking to get a rabbit run then there all kinds of different ideas that you could look at.

The great thing about rabbit runs is that there are plenty of different ideas that you could try out to ensure that your rabbit gets the exercise that you need.

Here are 8 ideas for a rabbit run to give you food for thought.

1. An aviary

If you have the space for one, an aviary is a great home for a rabbit. The extra height space allows you to walk in and spend time with your rabbit.

They do vary in price depending on their size but can be purchased cheaply second-hand from the right place.

Here’s one guy who actually combines a rabbit home with looking after birds. However, they can be kept separately.

2. Wire pen

These are wire panels that link together to form a hexagon or octagon and provide a space for your rabbit to run.

They are great for providing extended space for your rabbit to run in to attach to your existing run, but because they don’t have a roof they are not great for a permanent run for your rabbit.

This is simply because they don’t have a roof for it unless that is a separate roof is purchased to attach to it. They can be purchased relatively cheaply as well.

3. Self made run

Of course you need not buy a run if you don’t want to.

If you are that way inclined, you could build one yourself.

There are plenty of good places which can help with rabbit run ideas just like this one.

Just make sure it is a minimum of 1.8m x 1.2m and a rabbit can stand on its hind feet in it.

It also needs to have a roof and some kind of shelter for the rabbit as well. But this way can be a good cheap way of building a run and you can really use your imagination to make your rabbit’s experience that much more interesting.

It doesn’t’ have to be your standard wood frame and wire mesh rabbit run as well!

4. An interior room

Having a room in your home is a real luxury for a rabbit especially if they can have the run of it.

Just make sure that anything you don’t want chewed is out of there and it is sealed so they cant get out and property ventilated.

Some even just choose to set up a metal pen in their home, that’s up to you but could be useful if you live in an apartment.

5. The Apex Run

This a run that is triangular and constructed from wire and mesh with usually a wooden frame.

It also tends to have a covered area for the rabbit plus it can be folded away for storage. They are usually limited in size by length, width and height.

The height can inhibit the rabbit as they have sloping sides.

They are good for additional exercise space but are not usually large enough for a permanent home for a rabbit.

6. Metal Runs

These are rabbit runs which also double as puppy pens and have a sealed top which makes them good for rabbit runs.

They do need to be pegged to the ground to ensure that they don’t get lifted up easily and consideration needs to be given as to whether the rabbit could burrow out of it or even a predator burrow into it.

7. Wooden frame run

These are usually the most common sort of rabbit run and can come in different shapes and sizes.

They give the rabbit good ample space to run around plus allow for good shelter as well.

8. C&C cages

These are indoor cages that can be built yourself to provide the type of cage that you would like for your bunnies.

The great thing about them is that they can be extended and also built up providing all kinds of interesting spaces for your bunnies to enjoy in the warmth of your home.

They can be purchased from the good people of c&c cages dot com.

I hope you found these ideas useful. Do you have any other ideas that haven’t been mentioned here?

If so, do let us know in the comments

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