7 Ways to Show Your Rabbit You Love Them

Do you want to make your rabbit feel loved and cherished? Showing affection to your floppy-eared friend strengthens your bond and keeps them happy and healthy! Rabbits have unique needs and behaviors you can understand and embrace for a deeply caring relationship. Get ready to hop into action and discover 7 pawsome ways to shower your rabbit with love! From yummy treats to playtime fun, you’ll learn little gestures that make a big difference. Don’t miss these creative ideas for pampering your pet and becoming best buds for life! Your rabbit will binky for joy knowing how much you care. So let’s get started cherishing your cuddly companion!

1. Give your rabbit yummy treats

One of the best ways to show your rabbit you love them is by giving them yummy treats! Rabbits have very sensitive palates and love discovering new flavors. Finding treats that your rabbit goes crazy for is a great way to bond with them and make them feel special.

When choosing treats, look for healthy options like small pieces of fruit and vegetables. Banana slices, apple chunks, leafy greens, carrots, and berries make excellent rabbit treats. Just be sure to introduce new foods slowly to avoid upsetting their digestive system. Limit sugary treats like fruit-flavored yogurt drops to occasional snacks.

You can have fun getting creative with how you serve treats too. Place small pieces of veggies or fruit on a paper plate or hang them from clips on their cage. You can also hide treats around their living space and watch them excitedly hunt them down. This gives them mental stimulation along with a yummy reward.

Monitor how much you give to prevent obesity. A good rule of thumb is to make treats no more than 10% of your rabbit’s daily calories. Break treats into small bite-sized pieces so they don’t fill up too quickly. Your rabbit will look forward to treat time while getting healthful foods that nourish their body. Spoiling your bunny with nutritious treats shows you care about their wellbeing and want to see those cute bunny lips smacking!

2. Pet your rabbit

All rabbits love to be petted, when done properly. Petting is a great way to bond with your rabbit and help them feel relaxed and cared for. Focus on petting areas they enjoy most like their head, neck, cheeks, and back. Use gentle strokes so as not to startle them. Pay attention to their body language and stop if they seem irritated.

Before petting, get down on your rabbit's level on the floor so they don't feel intimidated by a giant hand coming from above. Let them come to you first so they don't feel forced into it if they're not in the mood. Offer them a treat to get them standing in front of you happy and interested in contact.

Start by softly stroking between their ears and down the bridge of their nose. Rabbits tend to find this very soothing. Work your way to massaging their cheeks, temples and forehead. Use circular motions with your thumb to give them a mini facial! From there, you can run your hands down the sides of their face and below their chin.

When petting their body, start at the shoulders and work your way down their back using long, gentle strokes. Some rabbits also enjoy having the area right above their tail gently scratched. Avoid touching their stomach, legs or feet unless your rabbit seems to enjoy it.

Set up a regular routine for dedicated petting and massage sessions. This relaxing time together strengthens your bond and helps your rabbit feel safe and calm. By discovering their favorite scritch spots, you'll give them that loving bliss rabbits crave.

3. Spend time with your rabbit

Quality time together is so important for bonding with your rabbit and making them feel appreciated. There are lots of fun ways to actively spend time together.

Sit on the floor in your rabbit's space and let them explore you. Having your hand out for sniffs and pets shows you trust them. Offer a toy for them to playfully toss or chew on. Move it around to engage their natural prey drive for chasing – just be careful not to scare them with sudden motions.

Place some cardboard boxes or tunnels around and let your rabbit run through and play hide and seek. Peek into their hideout and talk or sing to them. Lie on your belly and crawl around at their level. Rabbits binky (jump and twist) when super happy so you might see them entertain you with cool moves!

Read a book while your rabbit snuggles beside you or climbs on your lap if they enjoy being held. Some rabbits love perching up high so make platforms or ramps for climbing and hang out as they survey their kingdom.

It doesn't have to be playtime 24/7 either. Rabbits are crepuscular meaning they are most active at dawn and dusk. Just sitting calmly with your rabbit during their less active midday hours shows togetherness. With quality time together in a safe space, you'll both feel the love!

4. Give your rabbit fun toys

Providing your rabbit with engaging toys is another way to enrich their life and show you care. Rabbits love to dig, chew, toss, and arrange things in their space. Choose safe, interactive toys to appeal to these behaviors.

Offer different textures to engage their desire to dig like straw mats, soft blankets or small hay piles. Place small cardboard boxes, paper towel tubes and grass mats around for them to excitedly rip apart and shred.

Apple tree branches make great chew toys – just be sure they are pesticide free. Untreated wicker baskets or balls work too. You can hide a small treat inside to further entice them to gnaw and nibble to get it out.

Plastic cat balls, toddler play balls or small stuffed animals can be lightly tossed or rolled for chasing fun. Jingle bell balls add sound excitement but beware anything they can tear apart and ingest. Supervise playtime to ensure safety.

Food puzzle toys are great for rewarding mental stimulation. Hide pellets or treats in a cube with holes or snout-movable parts. As your rabbit manipulates it to get the reward, it keeps their mind engaged. Swap out toys frequently to prevent boredom. Your efforts to entertain your rabbit show you want to keep their life full of joy.

5. Copy their behaviors

Rabbits have some quirky habits like digging, chewing, grunting, and spinning. Mimicking your rabbit's moves might seem silly but it can actually be a great way to connect with them! Rabbits do these things to express happiness so joining in is showing you share their joy.

Try lying on the floor and imitating your rabbit's signature move – the binky jump! Seeing you bunny hop and twist may get them excited to binky along with you. Make happy snorting sounds when they grunt to let them know you understand their contentedness.

When your rabbit starts enthusiastically digging or chewing, get down on their level and pretend to dig and gnaw too. This builds trust by accepting these natural behaviors rather than redirecting them. Your rabbit may come check out why you're acting just like them!

Spin around if you notice your rabbit circling and dancing happily. Binkying together strengthens your friendship. Simple things like whistling if they make squeaking sounds or sniffing items they investigate can make you seem less foreign.

Show your rabbit you embrace all their quirks instead of being a tall scary human. The next time your rabbit is entertaining itself, join in the fun! Bonding through shared behaviors is a lighthearted way to support your pet.

6. Let your rabbit explore

One way to love your rabbit is by providing them opportunities to satisfy their natural curiosity and instincts to explore. Setting up a safe rabbit-proofed area allows them to learn about their home environment on their terms.

Puppy pens, exercise pens or gated areas work well to contain them. Remove electrical cords, poisonous houseplants or anything else potentially hazardous. Scatter some toys and tunnels around to pique their interest in investigating.

Sit with your rabbit while they wander and check things out. Let them come and go from your lap as they please since rabbits hate feeling caged in. Giving them this freedom shows respect and builds trust.

Occasionally move their enclosure to new spaces so the scenery changes. Rotate toys to combat boredom. Try hiding small treats to spark foraging activity. Provide empty cardboard boxes, paper bags or cardboard tubes which rabbits love crawling into and chewing on.

By allowing supervised exploration time, you'll get insight into your pet's unique personality while fulfilling their excited curiosity. A mentally and physically enriched rabbit is a happy rabbit! Tuning into their needs for stimulation shows you care about nurturing their best life.

7. Play games with your rabbit

Playing interactive games together is another great bonding experience for you and your rabbit. Games stimulate their natural behaviors in a fun way while strengthening your relationship through playful quality time together.

A classic rabbit game is creating mazes from cardboard boxes for them to hop through and explore. You can use boxes to make tunnels, stacked steps and lookout holes. Get creative building a new maze layout periodically to keep it exciting. Sit inside the maze and call your rabbit over for treats and pets as they traverse it.

Scatter small treat pellets or pieces of food across a room or pen and encourage your rabbit to hunt them down. Watching them forage for goodies taps into their instinct to naturally seek out tasty morsels. You can even have them fetch a ball for treats!

Teach your rabbit tricks like standing up, spinning or coming when called for a food reward. As they learn each trick, turn it into a game of doing all the moves in a sequence like a fun routine. Varying games fosters trust and brings out your rabbit's inner entertainer!

From puzzle toys to mazes, there are lots of games to engage your rabbit's body and mind. Playing chase, learning tricks and problem-solving enrich their lives. Game time strengthens the loving bond you share. So gather some boxes and treats then watch your rabbit light up with joy!


Showing your beloved rabbit compassion through food treats, touch, quality time, enrichment, and playfulness are wonderful ways to nurture a deeper friendship. When you tune into your rabbit's needs and embrace their natural behaviors, they feel safe, stimulated, and cared for. Developing a strong loving bond and keeping their life fun and interesting demonstrates how much you treasure your pet. With some creativity and attentiveness, you'll find many ways to shower your rabbit with love!

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