Recommended Rabbit Enclosures

Owning a rabbit? You’ll need to set up the perfect home for your furry friend. An ideal rabbit enclosure allows your bunny plenty of room to hop and play freely. But it also keeps them safely contained. The best options provide the right mix of space, security and comfort. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing enclosures and accessories to create an amazing habitat that will make your rabbit thump with joy! From versatile metal pens to cozy sisal rugs and comfy travel carriers, we’ll share our top picks for outfitting your rabbit’s home with all the essentials they need to live their very best fluffy life. Let’s get started – your new rabbit can’t wait to settle into their new digs!

Top Choice: Foldable Metal Ex-Pen

Rabbits need a lot of space to hop around and exercise. One of the best options for rabbit enclosures is a large foldable metal exercise pen, also known as an ex-pen. These pens provide plenty of room for your rabbit while still being easy to set up and move around as needed.

Foldable metal ex-pens are available in a range of sizes, with 30” and 36” tall options being ideal for rabbits. The more space you can provide, the better. A good minimum size is 8 square feet, but the recommended size for a single rabbit is at least 10-12 square feet. This allows them to take at least three consecutive hops in any direction.

Some of the advantages of using a foldable metal ex-pen include:

  • Portability – The pens fold down for easy storage and transport. This makes it easy to move your rabbit's home in and out of storage, or even take it with you when traveling.

  • Customizable sizing – Ex-pens connect together, so you can create whatever footprint size you need. Start with an 8×2 pen and add on more panels to expand it over time.

  • Secure containment – Solid metal panelling prevents climbing or digging escape attempts. Rabbits will be safely kept inside the pen.

  • Easy to clean – Metal pens allow you to easily sweep or wipe away mess. They can also be disinfected as needed.

  • Affordable – Foldable ex-pens are very reasonably priced, especially compared to custom built enclosures. A good quality pen costs $60-$100 depending on size.

When setting up a metal ex-pen, make sure to include a litter box, hay feeder, water bowl, toys, and hiding box inside to meet all of your rabbit's needs. The pen floor can be left as is, covered with a rug or mats, or you can use wood panels, plexiglass or vinyl flooring to make it smoother and easier to clean. Just be sure to provide traction so your rabbit doesn't slip.

Overall, a foldable metal ex-pen provides the perfect blend of an open, spacious environment that contains your bunny securely. This enclosure option is highly recommended for pet rabbit owners.

Sisal Area Rug

Inside their enclosure, rabbits need solid footing to gain traction as they play and hop around. Using sisal rugs or mats is an excellent flooring solution.

Sisal is a natural fiber made from the leaves of the agave plant. It makes a textured and sturdy floor surface that is safe for rabbits. The course texture of sisal gives rabbits grip to prevent slipping. It also helps file down their nails to keep them naturally trimmed.

Here are some benefits of using sisal rugs:

  • Natural material – Sisal is an eco-friendly option made from plant fibers without any chemicals. This makes it safe if nibbled.

  • Absorbent – The material has natural absorbent properties to soak up urine and allow it to dry quickly. This helps control odors.

  • Durable – Sisal is extremely strong and built to last. It won't fray or fall apart like some rugs.

  • Easy to clean – You can easily sweep debris off sisal with a broom or vacuum. For deeper cleaning, sisal can be taken outside and hosed off as needed.

  • Affordable – Sisal rugs come in a wide range of sizes at reasonable prices. A good quality 3×5 ft rug costs $25-$40.

When preparing a sisal rug for your rabbit's enclosure:

  • Select a rug that covers the majority of the floor space, leaving a small section bare if desired.

  • Look for a tight weave without loose threads that may get caught on rabbit nails.

  • Use a rug with a slip-resistant backing to prevent sliding.

  • Place the hay feeder and litter box on top of the sisal rug.

The durable fibers and traction provided by sisal rugs make them an optimal choice to line your rabbit's enclosure. This comfortable flooring will hold up well to your bunny's claws and messes.

The DIY option: Metal DIY Pet Playpen

For rabbit owners who are handy and want to take a DIY approach to their enclosure, building your own playpen from metal exercise pen panels is an excellent option. With some simple tools and materials, you can create a custom enclosure that perfectly suits your space.

Here is an overview of how to make your own metal rabbit pen:

Supplies Needed:

  • Exercise pen or puppy pen panels
  • Cable ties and/or metal clips
  • Wire cutters and pliers
  • Hammer and nails (optional)

Step 1: Layout the footprint size and shape you want for your enclosure using the panels. Exercise pens come in 8 panel packs that are each 35" wide. Connect the panels using either the provided metal clips or sturdy cable ties.

Step 2: Decide on the height you want for your pen walls. One panel is usually sufficient at 30-36" tall, but you can stack two panels for a taller enclosure if desired.

Step 3: Once you have the wall framework setup, use wire cutters to trim any open edges so there are no gaps or sharp points. Hammer down points if needed.

Step 4: Add a floor to your pen if desired using plywood, vinyl flooring or plexiglass panels. This prevents drafts and makes cleanup easier.

Step 5: Optionally attach a plywood roof panel to give your rabbit some overhead shelter and prevent them from climbing out.

Step 6: Finish your DIY pen by adding hiding spots, chew toys, litter boxes, food dishes and other rabbit accessories. Watch your bunny enjoy their new home!

The wonderful thing about building your own pen is being able to customize the size and layout precisely for your available space. And it gives you a fun DIY project to create something unique. With a little time and effort, you can setup the ideal metal cage for your rabbit friend.

Rabbit Carrier: Bergan Comfort Carrier

A secure and comfortable pet carrier is a must-have for safely transporting rabbits. Whether heading to the vet or going for a ride in the car, the right carrier keeps your bunny safe and reduces stress. The Bergan Comfort Carrier is a top choice that rabbits love.

This carrier features a number of rabbit-friendly details:

  • Roomy interior – Provides enough space for rabbits to turnaround and lay down comfortably. Models are available for small, medium or large breeds.

  • Fleecy bedding – The soft fleece lining gives cushioned support. It can be removed and machine washed.

  • Mesh panels – Wire mesh panels allow airflow while containing the rabbit securely. There are mesh windows on three sides plus roof ventilation.

  • Top and front entry – Doors on the top and front of the carrier allow easy access. Top entry is less scary for shy rabbits. Front entry is useful at the vet.

  • Seatbelt strap – A seatbelt loops through the back handle, allowing you to secure the carrier in the car.

  • Carry handles – The durable upper handle makes lifting and carrying easy. Side handles give you control options.

Rabbit owners love the Bergan Comfort Carrier for its smart design focused on creating a safe, calming environment for bunny travel. The padding keeps rabbits comfortable en route while mesh panels offer ventilation. This carrier helps reduce travel stress for nervous rabbits. It provides everything needed for smooth vet trips and car travel.

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