17 Toys to Get (or make!) For Your Pet Rabbit

Get ready for non-stop fun and adventure with your pet rabbit! We’ve got the inside scoop on 17 of the most amazing, enriching and entertaining toys for rabbits. From mentally stimulating treat-dispensing puzzles to apparel-chewing hanging kabobs, this list has something delightful for every bunny personality. Watch your rabbit burst with energy and gleeful hops as they forage through compressed hay cubes, shred cardboard treat boxes, bounce colorful balls, and explore tunnels and tents. We’ll reveal which brands use the safest, highest quality materials so you can shop worry-free. Let the bunny playtime begin with this ultimate list of 17 toys that will send your pet rabbit into binkying bursts of joy!

The brands that I trust

When it comes to picking out toys for your pet rabbit, it's important to choose brands that you can trust to make safe, high-quality products. Over the years, I've found several brands that consistently produce great rabbit toys that my bunnies just love. Here are some of my top picks:

Small Pet Select is one of my absolute favorite brands for rabbit toys. They use top-notch materials and understand what rabbits really like. I've never met a bunny who didn't go crazy over their toys! Oxbow also makes wonderful rabbit-safe products. They are a leader in rabbit nutrition and their toys promote healthy chewing habits. Binkybunny is another excellent brand started by a fellow rabbit owner who really understands rabbit behavior. Their toys are creative, fun, and safe. I also like WARE for their huge selection of rabbit toys at affordable prices. Their hanging chew toys are very popular with my rabbits. Finally, I'm a big fan of Wood N' Good for their natural handmade wood toys. The materials and craftsmanship are top-notch. When it comes to buying rabbit toys, you really can't go wrong with these fantastic brands!

1. Small Pet Select Toy Hay Toys

The Small Pet Select Toy Hay Toys are some of my rabbits' all-time favorite toys! These all-natural woven hay toys provide hours of entertainment and appeal to rabbits' natural foraging instincts. The toys engage your rabbit's mind and body as they work to get every last piece of tasty timothy hay out of the toy.

I like the variety of shapes available, including cubes, balls, rings, and honeycombs. This lets you switch up the toys to keep your rabbit interested. The honeycomb shape in particular seems to drive rabbits wild! My buns love tossing it around and pulling out the tightly packed hay.

These toys provide positive chewing stimulation and the hay helps grind down constantly growing teeth. Plus, they cut down on boredom and destructive chewing by giving your rabbit a healthy outlet for their energy. You can refill them with fresh hay for extended play. I also love that Small Pet Select uses only the best hand-selected hays in their toys. This gives me peace of mind knowing my rabbits are getting high-quality ingredients.

Some reasons I love Small Pet Select's toy hay toys:

  • All-natural and safe materials
  • Promotes healthy chewing habits
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • My rabbits go crazy for these toys!
  • Well-made and durable
  • Can be refilled for repeated use
  • Gives rabbits an outlet for boredom/energy
  • Made by a trusted brand

I wholeheartedly recommend trying out the Small Pet Select Toy Hay Toys for some boredom-busting fun! They are sure to become your rabbit's new favorite thing to play with.

2. Small Pet Select mobile toys

The Small Pet Select line of hanging mobile chew toys are fantastic boredom busters for rabbits. These adorable handmade toys attach to the top of the cage so they are always within nibbling distance. Rabbits seem to love gravitating to these hanging toys and giving them a good chew or batting them around.

My rabbits especially love the Carrot and Spinach hanging toys. The fabric vegetables are filled with crinkly material and natural hay for hours of crunchy fun. I also like to hang the Birdie Basketball hoop inside the cage so they can entertain themselves by tossing around the colorful bird ball.

The Cotton Candy Tent is another hit with my rabbits. They love burrowing inside the cotton-candy colored tent and finding the tasty hay treats inside. It's so cute to see their cotton ball tails peeking out from the tent!

Reasons my rabbits and I love these mobile cage toys:

  • Made from safe, natural materials
  • Mentally stimulating and reduces boredom behaviors
  • Fabulous boredom busters when I'm away or at work
  • Adorable designs that are fun to watch them play with
  • Durable construction stands up to bunny chewing
  • Provides positive chewing outlet and wears down teeth
  • Easy to hang using attachable clips
  • Made by trusted Small Pet Select brand
  • Helps make the cage more enriching and engaging

I recommend the Small Pet Select mobile toy collection to give your rabbit some independent playtime. Offering a rotating variety keeps them entertained for hours!

3. Slimcat treat ball

The Slimcat treat ball is an interactive toy that provides bunnies with fun mental and physical stimulation. This clear plastic ball has holes to put small treats or pellets inside. As your rabbit rolls and nudges the ball around, treats fall out to reward your pet.

My rabbits go crazy chasing their treat balls around during playtime. It captures their natural foraging behaviors as they work to get the treats out of the ball. I like watching them use their paws and noses to move the ball in different directions. When they finally hear a treat drop out, they get so excited and quickly gobble it up!

I like that the Slimcat ball is made of sturdy plastic that can withstand energetic bunnies. Its smooth, rolling motion makes it easy to chase around without getting stuck in corners. The size is perfect for holding rabbit-sized treats or pellets.

Reasons my rabbits and I love the Slimcat treat ball:

  • Mentally stimulating game for rabbits
  • Promotes physical activity and exercise
  • Fun to roll, nudge, and chase around
  • Satisfies natural foraging behaviors
  • Rewards your rabbit during playtime
  • Durable plastic construction holds up to use
  • Easy to fill with treats or pellets
  • Smooth rolling action keeps rabbits engaged
  • Great size for bunny noses and paws to manipulate

The Slimcat treat ball is a fun, enriching toy that provides your rabbit with engaging playtime. I highly recommend it for exercising your bunny's mind and body!

4. Oxbow play wall

The Oxbow play wall is an interactive rabbit toy that promotes exercise, mental stimulation, and positive chewing habits. This sturdy wall-mounted toy has holes, tunnels, and attachments for you to string toys through and configure however you'd like.

I set up my play wall with a variety of fun toys and chewing items that dangle down. My rabbits have such a good time hopping up to explore all the dangling objects with their nose and mouth. Their favorite toy is a hoop with colorful balls that make noise when nudged. I also hang treats, hay-stuffed accessories, and chew toys like wood sticks on the play wall to occupy them.

Whenever my rabbits are feeling energetic, they run laps around their enclosure stopping to interact with all the toys on their play wall. It's great exercise and playtime enrichment for them. Plus, having appropriate chewing items redirected their nibbling away from furniture and rugs.

Reasons my rabbits and I love the Oxbow play wall:

  • Promotes physical activity and mental enrichment
  • Interactive nature keeps rabbits engaged and entertained
  • Redirects chewing to appropriate toys instead of furniture
  • Easy to configure with dangling toys and accessories
  • Fun tunnel holes to run through and explore
  • Gets rabbits up on their hind legs reaching for toys
  • Made by trusted brand Oxbow
  • Durable plastic withstands energetic bunnies
  • Provides hours of independent playtime

I highly recommend the Oxbow play wall as an easy way to provide interactive structure and toys in your rabbit's space. It promotes healthy exercise and chewing behaviors!

5. Willow balls

Willow balls are natural chewing toys made from willow branches. These rugged wood balls provide rabbits with enriching chewing stimulation.

Willow is a fantastic chewing choice for rabbits. It's a soft wood they can really sink their teeth into. But it's also firm enough to withstand determined nibbling and cleaning of constantly growing teeth. This makes it safer on teeth than harder woods. The peeling action rabbits can get started on the willow occupies them for hours.

I scatter a few willow balls of different sizes around my rabbits' space. They love rolling them around and finding new spots to settle in for a good chew. When one gets a little too shredded, I simply replace it with a new one.

Some reasons willow balls make great rabbit chewing toys:

  • Natural and safe wood chewing material
  • Softer wood won't damage teeth but still cleans them
  • Rugged surface for rabbits to peel and nibble
  • Saucer shape promotes rolling and manipulation
  • Provides hours of enriching chewing time
  • Helps redirect chewing away from off-limit items
  • Easy to replace as needed
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Appeals to natural rabbit chewing instincts

Willow balls are a must-have boredom buster for rabbits prone to destructive chewing habits. The natural wood and rough texture make them perfect for satisfying rabbits' needs to gnaw and keep their teeth healthy.

6. Stacking cups

Stacking cups make a fun boredom-busting toy for curious rabbits. These colorful plastic cups stack together and can be configured like building blocks for bunnies to push around and manipulate.

My rabbits get so excited when I bring out their stacking cups for playtime. They like nudging the cups around and making them fall over. When I stack them up, the rabbits have a good time using their nose to burrow in and knock the whole thing down.

I like watching them dart in and out of the openings of stacked cups. They also enjoy tossing the cups up in the air and zooming after them as they roll across the floor. The bright colors and light plastic seem pleasing to bunny senses.

Reasons stacking cups make a fun rabbit toy:

  • Mentally stimulating puzzle as they manipulate cups
  • Promotes physical activity nudging and tossing cups
  • Burrowing in and out holes appeals to rabbit nature
  • Clattering sound when pushed over is entertaining
  • Lightweight for easy rolling and chasing
  • Vibrant colors attract rabbit attention
  • Affordable and easy to replace as needed
  • Can be stacked up in towers for added play
  • Durable plastic good for indoor or outdoor play

Stacking cups capture a rabbit's natural curiosity and energy in a fun, interactive way. I'd recommend them to any bunny owner looking for an inexpensive but enriching toy.

7. Hiding Castle

The hiding castle is an adorable toy that lets your rabbit engage their burrowing instincts. This little woven grass house has peek-a-boo holes and a tunnel entrance for access.

My rabbits love darting in and out of the openings and hiding away in the grassy castle. It's the perfect size for a bunny to curl up inside for a nap or safe haven. When they want to check if the coast is clear, they'll poke just their nose out of one of the hole before venturing out. It's so cute watching their antics with this toy!

The woven seagrass material makes for good chew stimulation too. Whenever they get bored of hiding, they'll work on digging and nibbling the grassy walls. This is much preferred over chewing my actual walls!

Reasons the hiding castle makes a fun rabbit toy:

  • Appeals to natural burrowing and hiding behaviors
  • Just the right size for a rabbit to fit inside
  • Entrances allow for peek-a-boo style play
  • Woven material good for healthy nibbling
  • Gives rabbits a sense of security and privacy
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Cute handmade design with natural materials
  • Lightweight enough to be tossed and manipulated
  • Easy to clean by shaking out old grass and debris

Let your rabbit engage their burrowing instincts in a healthy way with the cute hiding castle toy! It promotes natural behaviors and provides a cozy retreat.

8. WARE hanging kabob

The WARE hanging kabob is a popular chew toy that provides rabbits with enriching stimulation. This hanging wood chew toy has an assortment of dangling wood blocks, balls, and sticks for bunnies to grab and nibble.

My rabbits love the variety of textures, shapes, and materials on this toy. It keeps them occupied exploring and chewing each piece. The dangling design means it's always in reach when they need an appropriate chewing outlet.

I like hanging the kabob from their cage so it's ready for playtime whenever they get bored. It's easy to refill and add new sticks when my bunnies work one down to a nub. The kabob is made with all-natural materials, so I never have to worry if it's safe for their constant chewing.

Reasons my rabbits love the WARE hanging kabob:

  • Dangling design within easy reach
  • Assortment of chewable wood shapes and textures
  • Refillable with new sticks when chewed down
  • All-natural and safe rabbit chewing materials
  • Provides hours of enriching chewing stimulation
  • Great outlet to prevent destructive chewing
  • Fun to bat around and interact with
  • Made by trusted brand WARE
  • Easy to hang using attached clips
  • Helps keep teeth worn down and healthy

I would recommend the WARE hanging kabob to any bunny owner looking to provide safe chewing enrichment. It delivers everything rabbits love in an affordable, reusable toy.

9. Small Pet Select Hay cubes

The Small Pet Select compressed hay cubes make foraging feeders that challenge your rabbit to work for their hay. These densely packed cubes and balls are designed to engage natural bunny behaviors.

My rabbits have a blast tearing away at the compressed hay bricks with their teeth and paws. It keeps them busy for hours trying to rip and burrow into the tightly wedged hay. I like watching their determination to get every last strand!

The hay cube feeders are a fun way to make daily hay meals more enriching. The process of breaking them down also provides great jaw and dental stimulation. My buns have shiny coats and healthy teeth thanks to these cubes.

Reasons my rabbits love Small Pet Select hay cubes:

  • Mentally engaging hay feeder
  • Satisfies natural foraging behaviors
  • Promotes healthy chewing and dental stimulation
  • Adds enrichment to standard hay meals
  • Densely packed hay provides hours of shredding fun
  • Gives rabbits a constructive activity vs. boredom
  • Made from compressed ultra premium hay
  • Trusted Small Pet Select brand quality
  • Comes in cube and ball shapes for variety

I highly recommend trying the Small Pet Select compressed hay cubes and balls if you have a rabbit who scarfs down hay too quickly. It slows down their feeding in a natural, fun way.

10. Small Pet Select Fidget Sticks

Fidget sticks from Small Pet Select are engaging chew toys for energetic rabbits. These applewood sticks have nuts and bolts mounted on rotating ends for interactive chewing.

My rabbits are fascinated by the click-click sounds of the spinning nuts and bolts as they nibble the ends of the sticks. The enticing noise seems to encourage longer chewing sessions as they try to make the object on the end spin faster.

I like that the applewood material is safe but still strong enough for avid chewing. My buns can really sink their teeth in without splintering the wood. The fidget stick is a great size and shape for bunnies to pick up and manipulate in their paws while they work on chewing the ends.

Reasons my rabbits love the fidget sticks:

  • Interactive spinning ends capture attention
  • Satisfies natural nibbling behaviors
  • Applewood safe and strong for vigorous chewing
  • Just the right size and shape for bunnies
  • Enriching solo play when they want to fidget
  • Redirects chewing away from inappropriate objects
  • Engages both mouth and paws for manipulation
  • Trusted Small Pet Select brand quality
  • Great alternative to salt licks

The Small Pet Select fidget sticks are perfect for occupying energetic rabbits who need an outlet for their chewing instincts. I highly recommend them for preventing boredom in active bunnies.

11. Cardboard treat toys

Cardboard treat toys allow you to make budget-friendly DIY playthings for your rabbit. Simply fill an empty toilet paper roll, paper towel tube, or cardboard box with hay or treats, and watch your bunny go wild tearing it apart to get inside!

My rabbits love destroying cardboard containers or tubes stuffed with their favorite snacks. I just tape the ends shut and toss it in their play area. Then they happily shred and rip it open with their teeth to claim the hidden treasures.

It's a great boredom buster when I don't have a new toy on hand. Cardboard is safe for them to chew and tear into pieces. I just monitor in case they try to eat larger chunks. But usually they are just focused on getting those treats out!

Reasons cardboard makes a fun DIY rabbit toy:

  • Affordable using materials around the home
  • Can be stuffed with hay or treats for motivation
  • Interactive tearing and shredding process
  • Safe for chewing and destroying
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Satisfies natural foraging behaviors
  • Good boredom buster in a pinch
  • Easy to make tubes, boxes, castles, etc.
  • Gets rabbits physically active in play

Save your toilet paper rolls or break down boxes because cardboard makes fantastic free rabbit toys! Let your bunny's destructive energy loose on cardboard treat containers instead of your valuables.

12. Hideaway Tunnel

Tunnels make perfect toys to engage your rabbit's natural burrowing behaviors. The Hideaway Tunnel is a faux grass tunnel that lets rabbits pop in and out for a fun hide and seek game.

My rabbits love scurrying through tunnels then peeking out the ends. The Hideaway Tunnel has cute little cutout windows for them to peek through too. I often see a bunny nose first poking out before they emerge from either end.

The feel of the grass weave material seems pleasing for rabbits to run through. It crinkles at they bound along, adding sound stimulation. And when my buns need a break,

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