Is It Okay For a Rabbit to Chew On Plastic?

Plastic is ubiquitous in modern households – from kids’ toys to furniture to electronics. For curious pet rabbits, this can spell danger. A rabbit’s natural instinct to relentlessly chew combined with their fragile digestive system is a recipe for catastrophe around hazardous plastics. While supervision can help, some bunnies become obsessive plastic-munchers. This compulsion risks … Read more

Are Rabbits Good Pets for College Students?

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7 Ways to Know if Your Rabbit Is Happy

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How Do Rabbits Establish Dominance in a Bonded Pair?

In the world of rabbits, hierarchy determines everything. The dominant rabbit rules the roost while the submissive partner defers. But how exactly do rabbits establish this pecking order? Mounting, grooming, circling, footfall marking – rabbit society has many nuanced rituals for asserting authority. These rituals reduce conflict and reinforce social bonds between pairs and groups. … Read more

Do Rabbits Hold Grudges? (behavior signs)

Your beloved rabbit suddenly avoids you, stomps their feet, or turns up their nose at treats. What gives? Like humans, rabbits are complex creatures that experience rich emotions – including holding grudges against those who have wronged them. If your rabbit’s giving you the cold shoulder, you’re likely in the dog house. Learn what causes … Read more

7 Reasons Your Rabbit Is Hyper

Is your rabbit suddenly racing laps around your home, thumping persistently, and showing other signs of hyperactivity? Don’t panic – this burst of energy likely has an understandable cause behind it. Rabbits experience energy cycles related to age, hormones, the time of day, weather, and their unique personality. An energetic rabbit is often a healthy, … Read more

How to Comfort a Rabbit During a Thunderstorm

Do you feel helpless when thunderstorms roll through, as your pet rabbit curls up in fear? Those rumbling booms and flashing lights can create sheer terror for our sensitive, prey animal companions. But you don’t have to ride out each storm feeling powerless! Arm yourself with knowledge of exactly why rabbits find thunder so frightening … Read more