Can Rabbits Eat Agastache?

Agastache is an aromatic flowering perennial plant.

There are 22 species which are natvie to Asia and North America.

Their common names are hyssops and mints and are known as giant hyssops or hummingbird mints.

They can grow up to 3 meters tall and have angular stems which grow upright with lance shaped leaves.

Their flowers are usually white, pink, mauve or purple.

So can rabbits eat agastache?

It depends on which type it is as there are 22 species.

“Agastache foeniculum”, which has the name “Giant hyssop or Anise hyssop” is fine for them to eat.

The leaves on the others are fine, the flowers we tend to avoid.

If you are unsure, the general rule is to avoid them.

It is recommended that they are sparingly and part of a general mix of hay that they usually have for their diet.

This is because any new foods need to be gradually introduced into a rabbit’s diet so as not to overwhelm their stomach.

Make sure it has not been sprayed with insecticide. If in doubt, don’t feed it to them.

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