Can Rabbits Eat Alfalfa Pellets

Alfalfa is a type of legume hay which is often fed to small animals. however, there are also alfalfa pellets that can be purchased from good pet stores.

So can rabbits eat alfalfa pellets?

Yes they can eat alfalfa pellets but only in specialized situations.

Alfalfa pellets are pellets of alfalfa hay.

They are designed as a way of giving them fiber and essential nutrition that they need

Alfalfa pellets are a very good source of protein, minerals and vitamins which will aid your bunny.

This means that they are are good in situations where a rabbit needs some energy content.

These situations such as;

  • when a female gets pregnant,
  • for nursing mothers,
  • those bunnies recovering from illness or injury,
  • young rabbits that are growing,
  • baby rabbits,
  • elderly rabbits who have a lower appetite,
  • those rabbits that have trouble keeping on weight.

They should not be fed to rabbits who are not in these situations as they contain too much calcium for them to handle.

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