Can Rabbits Eat Animal Crackers?

Animal crackers are a small type of cracker or cooking which is baked in the shape of an animal such as an elephant, bear, tiger or lion.

The most familiar type of animal cracker is that which is slighly sweet and lightly coloured, with a chocolate flavour. However, frosted varieties are also available in different colours and also in layered dough like crackers.

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So can rabbits eat animal crackers at all?

Unfortunately they can’t at all. Sugary foods are not good for rabbits at all and can seriously harm the digestive system of a rabbit. They also can’t handle grain type foods such as crackers.

Foods such as hay, and some fresh veggies will be much better for them than animal crackers.

If they do happen to eat a little of them, then this won’t harm them but don’t purposely give them to them.

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