Can Rabbits eat Applesauce?

Apple sauce or applesauce is a purée made of apples.

It can be made with peeled and/or unpeeled apples and a variety of spices (commonly cinnamon and allspice).

Flavorings or sweeteners such as sugar or honey are also commonly added.

Apple sauce is inexpensive and is widely used in the United Kingdom, North America and some European countries.

It has been suggested that it can substitute for fat (e.g. butter/oil) in baking.

Commercial versions of apple sauce are readily available in supermarkets.

It may be packaged in several ways, including: glass jars, tins, or plastic tubs.

It is also sold in serving-size small plastic cups. (source)

So can rabbits eat applesauce?

Unfortunately, they can’t at all. They can’t handle the substance of it and it is just too sweet for them to handle.

A food to avoid feeding them.

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