Can Rabbits Eat Apricots?

The apricot is a relative of the peach, the nectarine, cherry and plum. They are fragrant and have a soft, velvety skin that ranges from orange to yellow.
Inside the apricot is a large kernel that will fall out easily when they apricot is fully ripened.

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They are mostly grown in hot European countries and tend to thrive in warm climates.

So can rabbits eat apricots at all?

We know that rabbits need a diet that consists of 75-80% hay but they also need it supplemented by veggies and some fruit treats as well as fresh water.
The good thing is that apricots are fine for rabbits to eat but only in small quantities that are chopped up and given in small amounts. If you give them too much it will hurt their tummies and cause them to have the runs. So take care when feeding it to them.

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