Can Rabbits Eat Artisan lettuce?

Artisan lettuce is a hybrid type of lttuce that contains three types of lettuce

Green Gem: is a hybrid, a member of the sunflower family with ‘very petite’ leaves.

Tango: has frilly edges, is a dark green color and is described as “tangy”. It is.

Oak: this is the dark lettuce and adds an interesting color contrast to the traditional greens.

It also contains Vitamin A, numerous B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, manganese, iron, potassium, copper, phosphorous. (source)

So can rabbits eat artisan lettuce?

They can a little bit of it. However, like most lettuces it contains a huge amount of water and will bloat a rabbit if too much is eaten.

So do take care with how much you give them as they will eat all of it if given the chance.

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