Can Rabbits eat Bacon?

Bacon is a meat that is made from pig and usually cured using large amounts of salt either in brine or dry packaging. Fresh and dried bacon is usually cooked before it is eaten whereas boiled bacon as well as some smoked bacon is ready to eat.

It is prepared from several different cuts of meat and is usually made from side back cuts of pork or the pork belly. 

It can be eaten boiled, smoked, fried, baked or grilled or used as an ingredient so as to flavour food dishes.

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So can rabbits eat bacon at all?

Unfortunately, rabbits cannot eat any kind of bacon at all. Rabbits are meat eaters and so will not like bacon if they are purposely fed it. 

If they do come across it and they will most certainly nibble at it but take no more than that. It is far better to give them hay, water, and some nice veggies instead.

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