Can Rabbits eat Cardboard?

One of the things that rabbits need to do is to chew.

It is one of their daily activities that enables them to keep their teeth ground down and ensures that they don’t grow more than they should and cause them pain.

One of the things that could potentially be given to them is cardboard, whether that be cardboard toilet tubes, or a cardboard box, or shoebox.

So can rabbits eat cardboard at all and is it safe for them to eat?

On the whole, yes it is safe for them to eat. It is good for them to have something else to chew on besides hay.

However it does depend on what type of cardboard you give them.

Lightweight cardboard that is used for domestic consumables such as toilet rolls, shoe boxes, cereal boxes and even packaging boxes are fine.

They make great little houses for bunnies and they will love chewing on them. Toilet roll middles make great places to stuff hate and other treats as a surprise for them.


However there is one particular cardboard that you should not give them which is the heavy duty industrial cardboard. This is because it can often contain dirt, sand, and metal shards which can be dangerous for bunnies.

So do check what is contained within the cardboard before you it to them. If you are concerned at all or do not know if your cardboard is industrial or not then it is better to be cautious and find something else to give to them.

Hope that helps and I leave you with this little fella enjoying a hearty cardboard box!! 🙂

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