Can Rabbits eat Carpet?

When it comes to chewing things up inside then your carpet will be a good target for your rabbit if they had their choice.
Rabbits really enjoy chewing up and carpet.

Unfortunately this can lead to expensive repairs that you may have to undertake.

So first things first, can rabbits eat carpet?

Yes, carpet wont harm them, as long as its not been recently cleaned with chemicals. Its just them chewing it is just not good for your home.

Their strong front paws which are usually used for digging burrows can be put to use pulling up the edge of carpets around a room and their strong bite which is normally used for pulling up strong roots is put to good effect in chewing up tough carpet.

So if you have your rabbit running around a room then you will either have to watch them carefully or ensure that it is a space which doesn’t have carpet.

However there are some other things you can do to prevent rabbits from chewing up your carpet.

1. Provide some other things for them to chew on.

The reason they are chewing up your carpet is that there is not much else to chew on. There are many different chew toys that can be purchased such as willow sticks, and woodblocks which will provide a much tastier option for them and more attractive than the carpet.

2. Cover up frayed parts of the carpet

If your rabbit is paying a particular part of your carpet particular attention then laying something over that part will stop them paying it so much attention. Ceramic tiles are a particularly good deterrent.

3. Use some old carpet or matting

Why not use some old carpet in the area that you don’t mind getting chewed up. This can be laid upon your newer carpet or even just in the area if it doesn’t have carpet. This should do the trick.

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