Can Rabbits eat Citrus?

Citrus is the common name of the genus citrus flowering paints in the rue family. Rutaceae. They come from Australia, New Caledonia and New Guinea. However, Citrus fruit has been cultivated in an ever-widening area since ancient times;

So can rabbits eat citrus at all? It really depends on the citrus fruit concerned. Some they can and some they can’t. The ones they can can only be eaten in small amounts as what citrus fruits have in common is that they are very acidic.

So here is a list of citrus fruits with links to our posts on them.

Important species:
Citrus aurantiifolia – Key lime
Citrus maxima – Pomelo
Citrus medica – Citron
Citrus reticulata – Mandarin orange

Important hybrids:
Citrus × aurantium – Bitter orange
Citrus × latifolia – Persian lime
Citrus × limon – Lemon
Citrus × limonia – Rangpur
Citrus × paradisi – Grapefruit
Citrus × sinensis – Sweet orange
Citrus × tangerina – Tangerine
Citrus ×clementina – Clementines

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