Can Rabbits eat Cooked Chicken?

Chicken is a food that is eaten all around the world and enjoyed in various states and guises. It is cooked in many different ways, from boiled, fried, grilled or baked and is enjoyed in many different ways. In fact its versatility as a food makes it beloved in this way.

So can rabbits eat cooked chicken at all?

Unfortunately rabbits are unable to eat any kind of cooked chicken at all. In fact, they cant eat any kind of cooked food whatsoever. To make matters worse, rabbits are herbivores and are unable to eat any kind of meat.

So cooked chicken is a really bad food to give to rabbits which they will simply will not like. They may nibble at it, as they do with most foods, but that is the most they will do.

Originally posted 2014-12-31 23:23:08.

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