Can Rabbits eat Mango?

Mangos are a stone fruit with juicy flesh. They are native to south and south east asia but has now been distributed worldwide and is one of the most cultivated fruits in the tropics.

It is eaten either raw or it is processed into cans and as a fruit it is enjoyed around the world and renown for its sweetness and refreshing taste.

So can rabbits eat mango at all?

Lets take a look at its nutritional data, in particular its sugar, calcium, fat, sodium, fibre, and acidic content are of particular interest. The reason we look at the nutritional data is that it enables us to really see what a food contains and to analyse its nutritional properties for ourselves without relying on false information.

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy 250 kJ (60 kcal)
15 g
Sugars 13.7
Dietary fiber 1.6 g
0.38 g
0.82 g
Vitamin A equiv.
lutein zeaxanthin
(7%)54 μg
(6%)640 μg
23 μg
Thiamine (B1) (2%)0.028 mg
Riboflavin (B2) (3%)0.038 mg
Niacin (B3) (4%)0.669 mg
Pantothenic acid (B5)
(4%)0.197 mg
Vitamin B6 (9%)0.119 mg
Folate (B9) (11%)43 μg
Choline (2%)7.6 mg
Vitamin C (44%)36.4 mg
Vitamin E (6%)0.9 mg
Vitamin K (4%)4.2 μg
Trace metals
Calcium (1%)11 mg
Iron (1%)0.16 mg
Magnesium (3%)10 mg
Manganese (3%)0.063 mg
Phosphorus (2%)14 mg
Potassium (4%)168 mg
Sodium (0%)1 mg
Zinc (1%)0.09 mg

source wikipedia

As you can see mango contains a hint of calcium, phosphorus, but a lot of acidic content, and is of course very sweet containing quite a bit of sugar.

This means mango is not very good for rabbits to eat. Its acidic and sugar content will harm the rabbits and cause them to get diarrhoea. They do not digest sugar very well and can only manage it in very small amounts.

It is fine for them to have a little nibble on but nothing more than that, and it should not be fed to rabbits as a primary food.

What about the other parts of the mango. Can rabbits eat those?

The skin of the mango is fine for them to nibble on, however the stone from the mango is not good at all for rabbits to eat and should be avoided.

Can Rabbits eat dried mango?

Unfortunately rabbits cannot eat dried mango at all. They cannot take the sugary nature of dried fruits and eating them will harm the rabbit even more than eating raw mango. So it is even worse for them to eat and best avoided as a rabbit food.

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