Can Rabbits Eat Scrambled Eggs?

Scrambled eggs are a well known culinary dish that is made from egg yolks and whites from chicken eggs.

They are made by stirring or beating the eggs in a pan whilst it is gently heated, preferably in butter and salt.

In some cases, other ingredients such as milk, water, cream or creme fraiche or even grated cheese may be added to the mix.
It is served around the world in different styles.
For instance, in England the scrambled eggs are stirred very thoroughly during cooking to give a soft, fine texture.
Whereas in the USA, the eggs are scooped in towards the middle of the pan as they set, giving larger curds.
People often eat eggs for the protein that they provide.
Although, rabbits are herbivores they still need some protein in their diet to keep them healthy.

So if this is the case what about feeding them something like scrambled eggs?

Can rabbits eat scrambled eggs?

Unfortunately, they cannot eat scrambled eggs.

Rabbits cannot eat dairy products such as milk or eggs not to mention foods that are made from animal by-products.

Some owners have said that feeding eggs may provide protein for their bunny, but eggs are not a good food for them to eat.
If they consume it, they may get sick because of it.
So it is a food to avoid feeding them.
If you are concerned about giving your rabbit protein then pelleted diets provide a good amount of protein in them for your rabbit.
Vegetables also will provide a small amount of protein for them too.
But the primary foods of your bunny’s diet should be grasses and hays such as timothy hay or alfalfa in their feed.
These types of grasses and hays will give them the proper balance of protein and fiber for your bunny that they need.
They will enjoy them so much more as well.
For more foods that rabbits can and can’t eat, check out our rabbit foods list.

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