Can Rabbits Jump Over Fences?

Rabbits are very good at jumping and are renown for their ability to leap.

So can rabbits jump over fences at all?

Rabbits have the ability to jump vertically approximately two feet.

However, they can also leap nine feet in a horizontal direction.

This is due to their back hind legs which are strong and robust.

They have the ability to balance on those hind legs so they can look around their surroundings for predators.

They also use their hind legs to thump on the ground so as to alert other rabbits in their group of possible danger coming.

So yes, rabbits do have the ability to jump over small fences which are less than two feet high.

This can cause a problem for many bunny owners and is worth considering different options when putting them in an enclosure so you don’t lose them.

Look at the standing height of the rabbit
Another thing to bear in mind is the standing height of rabbits.
As mentioned previously, rabbits do stand on their back legs a lot of the time, just like other animals such as meerkats and smaller animals such as gerbils and hamsters.
They do this to ensure that their environment is safe for them and their group.
Their rabbit enclose needs to be tall enough to allow them to do this, but also tall enough that they don’t have leverage to jump over.
You need to check your rabbit’s height to see how much they stretch out.
A height of 2ft is fine for a small or medium sized rabbit but if you have a breed that is larger you will need fencing that is about 3ft.
You may also wish to consider an enclosure that has a top on it so that the bunny is contained by is high enough to give them room to leap around.

A typical run or hutch needs to be 6 x 2 x 2 ft in size at a minimum and they need to be able to perform the following functions at any space or time within the enclosure;

  1. Stand up on their hind legs without their ears touching the roof.
  2. Lie fully outstretched in any direction.
  3. Take an unhindered sequence of 3 consecutive hops.
  4. Turn around unimpeded.
What about giant rabbits?

If you have giant rabbits then the run or hutch needs to be much larger. If you have a pair of giant rabbits then they need at the minimum 3.5 feet high.

So their enclosure needs to be at the minimum, 8 feet x 3.5 feet x 3.5 feet. They really need to be kept in garden sheds that have been converted or specially made enclosures.  (source)

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