Can Rabbits Kill Other Animals?

Rabbits and other animals have lived alongside other animals for centuries.

As part of the animal kingdom, they are known for being part of the Lagomorph family and are prey animals.

This means that they are hunted often by other animals for food.

Animals such as foxes and birds of prey are very fond of rabbits as food.

However, the most prolific hunter of rabbits are humans who love them for their meat and fur, and of course to have them as pets.

This means that rabbits have had to develop ways of surviving.

Rabbits are great survivors

The most common way they use to avoid predators is with their speed and agility.

Rabbits can out run most animals and are capable of running up to 40 miles per hour.

This means that they can get away from their predators with ease if they want to.

But what if they are cornered and can’t get away?

This is where their other abilities come into play, such as their lethal hind legs.

Can rabbits kill other animals?

Rabbits do not tend to kill other animals as they are herbivores and have no desire to eat meat.

They can kill in self defense though and have a powerful kick which can seriously injure another animal if they so wish.

The strength of a rabbit’s hind legs

A rabbit’s hind legs are extremely powerful

Rabbits also use their hind legs to jump and can leap up to 12 ft to escape from predators.

They don’t often use this ability but it does come in useful if they are cornered or get especially annoyed or angry.

This makes them creatures that you should not mess around with as one swift kick can easily injure another animal, even a human.

However, if they do kick out, the shear force that they use to do this can break their legs in the process.

Even with that, it is said that the strength of a rabbit’s hind leg kick can break its backbone.

So do take care when handling rabbits.

You should always pick up a rabbit by placing a hand underneath its chest and then the other hand underneath its rump. This is so you can scoop it up to your chest.

It is always dangerous to give them anything to kick against.

If they do this they can severely injure you, and they can also break their legs by doing this.

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