Can Rabbits Kill Cats

Often owners keep two or more pets in their home.

There are many types of pet, such as rabbits or cats that often live together in close proximity.

Once they are in the same vicinity there is always the potential for trouble between the two species.

So can rabbits kill cats at all?

No they can’t, however cats can kill rabbits.

They are more than capable of killing a rabbit, especially if it’s a wild rabbit.

A cat and its claws and teeth will be too much for a bunny unfortunately.

This is why its important that your rabbit is housed safely as there are always cats around who may take an interest in your bunny.
If a rabbit is in the hutch then it should be quite safe away from a cat.
So make sure they have somewhere they can retreat to if need be.
This is so that they can get out of harms way.
Also, a good idea is to make sure the run is covered and so they are protected that way as well.

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