Can Rabbits Kill Mice?

Rabbits and mice are very different creatures.

They come from totally different animal families for a start.

Rabbits from the Laporidae family and Mice from the rodent family.

As scavengers, mice are sometimes found in and around rabbit hutches looking for food.

They are pests and can scavenge for the rabbit’s food.

It’s then they become a problem and a hazard for your rabbit.

This is because mice can often become multiple mice and may even build a nest in the hutch.

Mice that come in from the wild can often carry mites which can be passed on to a rabbit.

They can also pee on the food of your rabbit and ruin it for them, not to mention bring on infection and possible disease.

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So can rabbits kill mice if they come into a hutch?

Yes they can if they wanted to.

Rabbits of course are incredibly strong creatures with a hind kick that can do damage to most creatures.

But they are very passive and more likely to leave them alone.

It then becomes up to us to help our rabbits and get rid of any mice that have infiltrated the hutch.

There are some solutions to this problem;

  1. Block off the underneath of hutch as much as you can.
  2. Put down a humane trap outside of the hutch. Don’t put it inside the hutch and if you are going to use poison, make sure it is away from a rabbit’s area so they don’t eat it. Put it down outside the hutch well away from their reach.
  3. Avoid putting food on the ground of the hutch. Put it on the upstairs part of a hutch.

Mice are definitely unwanted visitors to a rabbit hutch and although a rabbit could kill a mouse if it wanted to, it is unlikely to want to do so. It is up to us, to keep them away to protect our rabbits.

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