Getting a Pet Rabbit: What to Expect

Thinking of welcoming an adorable floppy-eared friend into your home? Rabbits make delightful pets but require some special considerations. Before hopping into rabbit ownership, get the inside scoop! This comprehensive guide reveals everything you need to know to successfully prepare for your new long-eared companion. You’ll learn all about rabbit-proofing your home, choosing ideal housing, … Read more

Can Rabbits Get Tetanus?

Tetanus is a dreadful affliction that can seize anyone in its stiff, paralyzing grip – even our favorite fluffy pets. Rabbits are not immune to this devastating disease. When the spore-forming Clostridium tetani bacteria infiltrates a rabbit’s body, it launches an all-out neurological assault. Facial muscles contort into a haunting rictus grin, while the body … Read more

Do Rabbits Understand Mirrors?

Do you ever wonder what your rabbit really thinks when she stares into a mirror? Does she recognize her own floppy-eared reflection gazing back? Or see an intruder in her territory prompting a turf war? Installing a mirror in your bunny’s hutch can lead to some surprising – and amusing – reactions that reveal the … Read more

Are Rabbits Attention Seekers?

Do your rabbits nudge and circle your feet relentlessly until you play with them? Do they rattle their cages or thump their powerful feet in protest if you walk away? Our furry, long-eared friends are surprisingly demanding despite their reputation for shyness. The truth is rabbits are incredibly social animals programmed to crave interaction and … Read more

Do Rabbits Understand Mirrors?

Mirror, mirror on the wall – what do rabbits make of you after all? These curious yet skittish creatures have a complex relationship with their own reflections. Rabbit owners often wonder if bunnies recognize themselves or see an intruder in the mirror. Will your rabbit be transfixed for hours, aggressively box her reflection, or flee … Read more

How Fast Do Rabbits Run? Wild + Domestic Rabbit Top Speed

With lightning-fast reflexes and powerful hind legs built for speed, rabbits are nature’s kings of evasion, capable of explosive bursts unrivaled for their petite stature. Pound for pound, few animals can match the sheer speed of a determined rabbit running full tilt. Though they may lack endurance, rabbits have an ace up their fuzzy sleeves … Read more

Helping a Rabbit Get Quality Sleep

Do you want your rabbit to sleep like a baby every night? Getting great zzz’s is crucial for your bunny’s health and happiness! Join me as we hop down the rabbit hole to explore proper nutrition, winding down routines, and tips to help your furry friend achieve quality, restorative sleep. We’ll nibble on key diet … Read more

Why Do Rabbits Need Carbohydrates?

Get ready to hop into the fascinating world of rabbit nutrition! Carbohydrates are a crucial part of a rabbit’s diet, but do you know why rabbits need to eat carbs and where they get them from? Understanding carbohydrate sources like hay, greens, vegetables, and limited fruits ensures your bunny’s health and happiness. We’ll explore how … Read more

How Do Rabbits Digest Cellulose?

Hidden inside the humble rabbit is an amazing digestive system that allows it to feast on plants that would make other animals sick. Through remarkable evolutionary adaptations, rabbits can break down and thrive on diets of tree bark, tough grasses, and other fibrous vegetation. Their secret weapon? A unique process called hindgut fermentation that takes … Read more