5 Reasons Why Your Rabbit Is Chattering Their Teeth

If ever you see your rabbit chattering their teeth, this can appear a little alarming at first.

It can be difficult to understand quite what this means when you see it.

Does it mean they are angry or maybe happy? However, if you can understand these patterns of behavior then it is all the more beneficial for your relationship with them.

There can be many different reasons for a rabbit chattering or be grinding their teeth.

Pain and discomfort

If you see your rabbit chattering their teeth it may mean that they are not happy. It could well be that they are in some sort of discomfort or pain.

If you see that their chattering is louder than you usually find it, then they may need your assistance.

If you see that they are crouched down and maybe their ears are pressed down along with chattering their teeth then this is very much a sign that all is not well with them.

In this situation, it would be worth seeking the opinion of a veterinary surgeon.

However, when your bunny chatters or grinds their teeth it isn’t always a sign that they may be in pain.


They can also be anxious, where something is worrying them. Is there something in their vicinity which needs dealing with which may be causing an increase in anxiety for them?

Nervousness is often a cause for rabbit’s to chatter their teeth and often this is something that the owner can help alleviate for them by finding the root cause.

It may be something worse as abject terror can also cause them to chatter their teeth. If they are scared and terrified by something around them this can often cause a rabbit to grind their teeth.
If this is the case you as the owner will probably be able to see what it is. Maybe another animal is stalking and preying upon them. Again, this is something you can intervene on and protect your bunny.
Your rabbit will go into a  panic and you will see their ears on end and eyes extremely prominent.
However, they maybe chattering their teeth for a completely different reason. Rabbit’s also chatter their teet when they are relaxed. It is a fast and smooth sound that they make with their teeth and is a bunny’s equivalent of a purr. They often do this when they are being stroked or petted. It is a sure sign that they feel relaxed and comfortable. If they do this in your presence then kudos to you for creating this scenario!
If your bunny’s grinding of their teeth has a smooth flow to it that stops and starts again, and you see that they aren’t in any kind of anxiety, terror, pain, and pleasure is not quite the word for it, then they may be excited about something. When your rabbit is chattering their teeth because they are excited then this is some serious excitement! They could be excited about the sight of a treat to eat or excited about your mere presence in their vicinity.
Do watch out for these signs and not jump to conclusions about what they mean.
Understanding about what different patterns of behavior of a bunny mean can only better your relationship with your rabbit and help to get to know them better.

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