Does My Rabbit Understand me

Rabbits are intelligent creatures who have the ability to adapt to their environment and understand where they are.

They are quite intuitive and have a sense of what is going on.

Often owners have professed to having a bunny that seems to understand them.

This is often the result of spending a lot of time with them and building a relationship with them.

They can get to know your voice, your nature, your character, how you respond to them and treat them.

It all matters and counts in your relationship with them.

So the question is, ‘does my rabbit understand me?’

Rabbits can be sensitive to the emotions of humans.

It is often said that animals, particularly mammals can feel emotions that are similar to that of humans.

Animals such as mice and rats have been shown to show empathy.

They can also become sensitive to your words and can get to understand some of how you speak so that for example they come bounding up to you at feeding time.

The more time you spend with your bunny, the more attuned to you they will become.

Of course, rabbits have their limitations. They can’t talk like us, or understand the details of our language but they can certainly hear tone and sense feeling.

So they can develop a limited understanding of you but only how much you let them.

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