How Many Rabbits Should I Get?

When getting a rabbit, many people just get one rabbit and that usually suffices for them.

But should one rabbit be sufficient for an owner and is it okay for a rabbit to live alone. How many rabbits should I get?

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Just having one rabbit

The thing about just having one rabbit is that there is a danger that they will get lonely.

However, all rabbits are different and yours maybe just fine on its own.

How about getting two rabbits?

If you are looking to get a rabbit for the first time, then it would be better to consider getting two rabbits together especially if they are from the same family.

When you have a pair of rabbits together they will groom each other and keep each other company.

However it is helpful that they are already bonded as it is trickier but not impossible to bond two strangers together.

Make sure that they are either same sex pairs or if they are male and female that they are neutered otherwise you may find yourself with more rabbits than you can handle. With two rabbits make sure that you give them space to run around in.

A good hutch size according to the RSPCA measures 6 ft x 2 ft x 2ft and give them a run as well.

The More the Merrier

If you can handle any more rabbits, then they will enjoy the company of other rabbits so the more the merrier. Just make sure that you have the space for them to enjoy their home.

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