How To Keep a Rabbit Run Safe

Keeping a rabbit safe in a rabbit run is paramount to keeping a rabbit.

There are many things that can go wrong when keeping a rabbit in a run so here are 4 considerations to think about when securing your rabbit run;

1. Cover the Rabbit run with strong wire

If you are covering the run with wire then it must be strong enough to withstand being chewed by a rabbit or a predator.

Any wire which is soft is not good to use as it can easily be chewed and used as a way of escape.

2. Make sure that the rabbit run has a roof.

This is because rabbits can jump very high and could possibly get out a of particularly shallow run.

Also with open runs, there is always the risk of predators such as cats or foxes getting in.

3. Make sure the rabbit run is not easily moved.

They need to be kept firm and not be able to be moved easily.
Rabbits have a considerable amount of strength and so do predators such as foxes.

So a rabbit run needs to be kept secure and not able to be moved at all by your rabbit or by their predators.
It also needs to be unmovable by any inclement weather such as strong winds.

4. Make sure your rabbit can’t burrow out of the run.

Rabbits are very good at digging and so efforts need to be made to ensure that your rabbit is not able to burrow out of the run.

This can be solved by putting the run on concrete or by putting paving slabs around the edge of the run.

It is a good idea to keep checking the run to ensure that the rabbit is not digging a burrow furiously in order to get out.

The best thing to do if you have the time is to dig a trench about 20cm under where the edge of the run is and bury wire mesh or fill it with stones or concrete.

This is so there is a definite blockade for the rabbit and any predators that may seek to burrow in or out of the run.

The rabbits safety is the top priority

With all these suggestions, the safety of the rabbit is paramount.

Some of these methods may be considered a bit extreme but there is nothing here that rabbit owners haven’t experienced before and it can be heartbreaking to lose a rabbit because due considerations haven’t been taken into account.

So if you do have a rabbit run, do think about these things to ensure that your rabbit is kept happy and well looked after.

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