Four Rabbit Fur Types found on a Rabbit’s Coat

The coat of a rabbit is made up of four types of hair. These guard hairs are also called ‘barbes’

Wool Hairs

Wool hairs are crimped hairs that a fine in character and tend to be the same across the rabbit’s hair. The rabbit’s coat is made up of most of these hairs. Indeed, there will be up 50 times more wool hairs to guard hairs on a rabbit’s coat.

Primary Guard hairs

Primary Guard hairs are bulky and strong and straight by nature, even in their width apart from when they increase in size close to the end before they taper to a thin end.

Straighter Secondary Guard Hairs

These secondary guard hairs are much straighter and have more definite pointed ends.

Crimped Secondary Guard Hairs

Crimped secondary guard hairs are much smaller in width and are much wavier in character

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