What You Should Know About Adopting a Pet Rabbit

Fluffy bunny faces with twitchy noses are adorable, but adopting a pet rabbit requires serious consideration. Before hopping into a long commitment with one of these endearing but sensitive creatures, educate yourself. Rabbits need much more care, space and attention than many realize. From choosing an ideal rabbit for your home to housing setup, bonding, … Read more

Vacations and Traveling With a Rabbit

Bunny’s bags are packed and it’s time to hop away on vacation, but who will watch your rabbit while you’re gone? Bringing your rabbit along can be an adventure, but traveling with rabbits requires careful preparation. Should your rabbit stay or go? What are the best options to keep your bunny happy, healthy, and stress-free … Read more

10 Money Saving Tips For Rabbit Care

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9 Myths About a Healthy Rabbit Diet

What you think you know about proper rabbit nutrition may be totally wrong! When it comes to giving bunnies the right foods for optimal health, misconceptions abound. Many well-intentioned rabbit owners fall victim to dangerous dietary myths. Offering inappropriate foods can have serious consequences over time, leading to chronic issues like GI disease, arthritis, and … Read more

How to Train Your Rabbit

Want to build a bond with your pet rabbit and have some fun together? Training provides engaging mental stimulation and helps reinforce polite bunny behavior. With patience and the right techniques, you can teach your rabbit commands, tricks, and good manners! This comprehensive guide reveals how to unlock your rabbit’s smarts and bring out their … Read more