100 Cute and Funny Male (Buck) Rabbit Name Ideas (with Meanings)!

Welcome to the ultimate guide for choosing the perfect name for your adorable new male rabbit! Finding that special moniker that captures your bunny’s personality and puts a smile on your face is such a fun part of becoming a new pet owner. In this article, you’ll discover 100 punny, cute, clever, and quirky name ideas for your fuzzy boy bunny. From popular picks like Thumper to funny food names like Popcorn, we’ve compiled tons of unique name inspiration to help you pick your rabbit’s new handle. You’ll also find tips on choosing something easy to say and remember. So get ready to find the ideal name for your dashing buck bunny!

What Makes a Good Male Pet Rabbit Name?

Choosing the perfect name for your new male rabbit is an exciting part of welcoming him into your home. When thinking about names, consider your rabbit's personality and appearance to find something that really suits him. You'll also want to pick something you love saying and hearing!

Some tips for choosing a great male rabbit name:

  • Make it short and sweet. Rabbits will learn their name faster with 1-2 syllables.

  • Have fun with puns! Rabbits hop and bunny names are a perfect chance for wordplay.

  • Consider familiar names. Names like Peter, Jack, or Benjamin sound cute for rabbits.

  • Choose something that will stand out when calling your rabbit. Names that are distinctive work best.

  • Look at your rabbit's looks and personality. Name him based on his appearance or quirks.

  • Check the meaning. Make sure your top choice doesn't have an odd background meaning.

  • Say it out loud. Be sure you like the sound and rhythm of the full name.

No matter what name you choose, your boy rabbit is sure to wiggle his nose and melt your heart! Now let's look at some popular and punny names that are perfect for your new buck.

Most Popular Male Rabbit Names

These classic and cute names are commonly chosen for pet male rabbits:

  • Thumper – The famous rabbit from Bambi
  • Peter – As in Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter's classic character
  • Benny – A cute shortened version of Benjamin
  • Jack – A short, popular name for a male rabbit
  • Oliver – A sweet old-fashioned name meaning "olive tree"
  • Charlie – An adorable name for a charming male rabbit
  • Oscar – Means "God's spear" and is great for an active rabbit
  • Teddy – Perfect for a cuddly male bunny
  • Cookie – An adorable name inspired by tasty treats
  • Oreo – After the black-and-white cookie, great for a black and white rabbit
  • Bugs – Named after the iconic cartoon rabbit Bugs Bunny
  • Hopper – Refers to a rabbit's favorite activity; hopping!
  • Thistle – A cute nature name referring to the thistle plant
  • Dash – For an energetic male rabbit who loves to dash around

You can't go wrong picking from this list of the most popular male rabbit names out there! They perfectly capture the endearing qualities of rabbits.

Names for Male Rabbits Based on Appearance

One of the best ways to name your male rabbit is to look at his markings and pick the perfect descriptor:

  • Snowball – For an all white rabbit.
  • Ember – A dark colored rabbit with orange tones.
  • Dusty – A light brown or gray male rabbit.
  • Midnight – An all black bunny.
  • Stormy – For a gray rabbit with black flecks.
  • Patch – A spotted male rabbit.
  • Domino – A black and white spotted rabbit.
  • Almond – For a light brown male bunny.
  • Peanut – A perfect match for a small light brown male.
  • Cashew – After the nut, great for a brownish gray rabbit.
  • Hazel – A pretty name for a light brown or hazel-eyed rabbit.
  • Shadow – For a predominantly black male rabbit.
  • Obsidian – A black bunny with a subtle shine.
  • Salt – An all-white male rabbit.
  • Pepper – A black male rabbit.
  • Zen – A calm, white rabbit.
  • Forest – For an earthy brown male rabbit.

With so many options, you can easily find the perfect descriptive name to match your bunny's dashing good looks!

Boy Rabbit Names from Myths and Legends

Give your male rabbit a powerful, mystical name drawn from ancient myths and legends:

  • Zeus – The king of the Greek gods, often took the form of animals.
  • Apollo – The Greek god of many things including rabbits!
  • Loki – The Norse god known for trickery and mischief.
  • Mercury – The speedy Roman messenger god.
  • Atlas – The Greek god forced to hold up the sky.
  • Orion – A great hunter in Greek mythology.
  • Perseus – A legendary Greek hero.
  • Hercules – The mighty hero with super strength.
  • Thor – The hammer-wielding Norse god of thunder.
  • Odin – The chief Norse god, often accompanied by wolves and ravens.
  • Anubis – The jackal-headed ancient Egyptian god.
  • Osiris – The Egyptian god ruler of the afterlife.
  • Raiden – The Japanese god of thunder and lightning.
  • Zeus – The king of the Greek gods, often took the form of animals.
  • Apollo – The Greek god of many things including rabbits!
  • Oberon – The king of the fairies in medieval legends.
  • Puck – The mischievous fairy in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Give your athletic, powerful, or mischievous rabbit boy a strong mythological name!

Names for Boy Rabbits Taken from Foreign Languages

Choose a name from another language that captures your rabbit's essence:

  • Amigo – Friend in Spanish.
  • Pierre – French form of Peter meaning "stone".
  • Anton – A Ukrainian name meaning "priceless".
  • Alba – Meaning "sunrise" or "white" in Spanish.
  • Leo – Meaning "lion" in Latin, great for a brave rabbit.
  • Basile – A French name meaning "kingly".
  • Andre – A lovely French, Portuguese, and Romanian name meaning "manly".
  • Alonso – A Spanish name meaning "eager for battle".
  • Miguel – A common Spanish name meaning "he who is like God".
  • Amadeus – A Latin name meaning "love of God".
  • Juro – Meaning "gentleman" in Croatian.
  • Marcel – A French name meaning "warrior".
  • Umberto – An Italian name meaning "bright, intelligent".
  • Klaus – This German name means "victor of the people".
  • Hans – A German name meaning "God is gracious".
  • Gustav – This Swedish name means "staff of the gods".

Choose a name from around the world that captures your male rabbit's spunk and spirit!

Male Bunny Names Based on Books and Movies

Give your boy rabbit a literary or pop culture inspired name:

  • Gandalf – The wise wizard from Lord of the Rings.
  • Bilbo – Frodo's uncle in The Hobbit.
  • Newt – The magical beast lover from Fantastic Beasts.
  • Albus – The first name of Hogwarts headmaster Dumbledore.
  • Severus – Harry Potter's conflicted professor Snape.
  • Neo – Keanu Reeves' character in The Matrix.
  • Indiana – Harrison Ford's adventurer Indiana Jones.
  • Watson – Sherlock Holmes' trusted partner Dr. Watson.
  • Chewbacca – Han Solo's furry co-pilot in Star Wars.
  • Eeyore – The gloomy stuffed donkey from Winnie the Pooh.
  • Hobbes – Calvin's stuffed tiger buddy in Calvin and Hobbes.
  • Gatsby – The elegant Jay Gatsby of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.
  • Atticus – The heroic lawyer in To Kill a Mockingbird.
  • Orwell – After author George Orwell who wrote Animal Farm.
  • Odysseus – The cunning hero of Homer's Odyssey.
  • Rocky – Sylvester Stallone's determined boxer character.

Choose a name from fiction to show off your own good taste in books or movies!

Fun Puns Based on Famous People’s Names

Get creative and make a punny name using a celebrity reference:

  • Brad Bunny Pitt
  • Bugs Bunny Depp
  • Harrison Hops Ford
  • Sir Hop Paul McCartney
  • Peter Cottontail Reynolds
  • Jimmy Hop-ix
  • David Hop-ie
  • Tom Hop-anks
  • Robert Down-Ears Jr.
  • Jack Rab-icholson
  • Michael Jack-Rabbit
  • James Hare-den
  • Hip Hop-rah Winfrey
  • Prince Hops Harry
  • Justin Timberbun
  • Cristiano Hop-naldo

What famous figure would make the perfect silly rabbit name? Get creative with puns to give your rabbit a unique and memorable moniker.

Names Inspired by the Behavior of Male Rabbits

Observe your male rabbit's quirks and behaviors to pick the perfect descriptive name:

  • Nibbles – A rabbit who gently nibbles on everything.
  • Thumper – One who loves to thump his feet.
  • Velvet – For a rabbit with an exceptionally soft coat.
  • Scout – A curious rabbit who loves exploring.
  • Einstein – A super smart male rabbit.
  • Shadow – A rabbit who follows you everywhere.
  • Cuddles – A very affectionate cuddle-loving bunny.
  • Floppy – A male with especially soft floppy ears.
  • Zippy – A speedy and energetic male rabbit.
  • Binky – For a rabbit who often "binkies" (leaps in the air).
  • Clover – A lucky rabbit who always seems to get his way.
  • Mischief – A trouble-making rabbit.
  • Bumper – A male who can't resist bumping things with his nose.
  • Digby – A rabbit who loves digging at carpets or dirt.
  • Sooty – A dusty-colored rabbit who always seems to get dirty.
  • Shredder – A naughty rabbit who destroys paper products.
  • Louie – A chilled-out, laidback male.

Naming your rabbit based on his personality makes sure you'll never mix him up with another bunny!

Boy Rabbit Names Inspired by Food and Drink

Cute food-inspired names for your male rabbit include:

  • Peanut – A nutty and perfectly petite name.
  • Cashew – After the curved nut, great for a brown bunny.
  • Walnut – For a rabbit with a brown swirled coat.
  • Almond – A sweet name for a furry boy rabbit.
  • Cereal – A cute punny name for a rabbit.
  • Popcorn – A fluffy, crunchy treat.
  • Peaches – A sweet fuzzy fruit.
  • Apricot – For a rabbit with orangey fur.
  • Bean – An adorable vegetable name.
  • Pea – Cute and short green veggie name.
  • Basil – A herb that sounds refreshing and clean.
  • Sage – A herb with soft grayish green tones.
  • Chip – Short for chocolate chip, perfect for a brown rabbit.
  • Taffy – Chewy and sweet, just like your bunny!
  • Juju – After jujubes, a chewy candy.
  • Licorice – A cute black candy name.
  • Oreo – Named after the sandwich cookie.
  • Macaroon – A sweet coconut treat.
  • Nutmeg – A warm, spicy seasoning.
  • Cinnamon – A comforting spicy name.

Let your male rabbit's sugary sweet personality inspire a cute foodie name!

Best Names for Male Dwarf Rabbits

Small in stature but big on personality, choose the perfect pint-sized name for your dwarf bunny:

  • Bitty – A tiny and adorable name.
  • Nugget – Small and precious like a nugget of gold.
  • Acorn – For a petite male bunny.
  • Pip – A short, cute name befitting a small rabbit.
  • Dash – Fast and miniature.
  • Sparrow – A little songbird.
  • Chip – A perfect tiny chocolate chip name.
  • Peanut – After the petite nut.
  • Tumnus – A small mythical creature from Narnia.
  • Pixie – A magical mini name.
  • Sprout – For a little baby male rabbit.
  • Potato – A cute, small vegetable.
  • Twix – Like the miniature candy bar.
  • Poppy – A petite flower.
  • Kiwi – A small, sweet fruit.
  • Pebble – A smooth tiny rock.
  • Marble – A mini glassy stone perfect for a dwarf rabbit.
  • Pepper – A spice with a powerful bite like your mini bunny!

Your little dwarf rabbit may be tiny but he's got the biggest personality! A pint-sized name is the perfect match.

Iconic Male Rabbit Pair Names

If your male rabbit has a bonded friend, choose paired names that complement each other:

  • Salt and Pepper – Opposites that go perfectly together.
  • Lewis and Clark – The famous explorers.
  • Starsky and Hutch – An unforgettable detective duo.
  • Buzz and Woody – The iconic Toy Story pair.
  • Chip and Dale – The adorable Disney chipmunks.
  • Ren and Stimpy – An eccentric animation pair.
  • Penn and Teller – The famous magician partners.
  • Abbot and Costello – The classic comedy team.
  • Wallace and Gromit – A clever inventor and his dog.
  • Kirk and Spock – The original Star Trek captain and first officer.
  • Lennon and McCartney – The musical Beatles pairing.
  • Flotsam and Jetsam – Ursula's eel sidekicks in The Little Mermaid.
  • Sampson and Delilah – From the biblical story.
  • Thelma and Louise – The ride-or-die film friends.
  • Cagney and Lacey – 80s TV detective partners.
  • Cheech and Chong – The hilarious comedy duo.

Pair your male rabbits up with complementary names that suit their friendship!

100 Cute and Funny Male (Buck) Rabbit Name Ideas (with Meanings)!

Naming your new pet rabbit is so exciting! With so many fun puns, popular picks, and choices based on looks and personality, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your furry boy bunny. Get creative and don't be afraid to try unique names until you discover one that sticks. Once you find it, your rabbit's cute new moniker will put a hop in your step every time you call it!



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