Rabbit Rescues in Bristol

Here is a list of the rabbit rescues in Bristol that we know of.

If you happen to know of any more that we haven’t mentioned here, then please do let us know.

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Littlest Rescue – Based in Bristol, We are a small completely self-funded rabbit and guinea pig rescue based in Bristol. The main rescue centre is in Staplehill, with a smaller foster homes around Bristol. We mainly rescue rabbits and guinea pigs but also occassionally take in other small furries.

Heart Rescue – Based in Bristol, Our aim is to find secure new homes for animals that have been abandoned or whose owners can no longer care for them. We help dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, goats and many other animals throughout the South West and South Wales.

Bristol Rabbit Rescue – Based in Bristol, We mainly help rabbits, but we also help other small animals when needed. We are a self funded, non-profit, home ran rescue so have very limited funds, but will do all we can to help the animals in our care or that need our care.

RSPCA Bristol & District Branch Area – Based in Bristol, The Bristol & District Branch of the RSPCA is committed to preventing cruelty and promoting kindness to animals. We aim to reduce animal suffering and increase animal well-being as much as possible through our activities.

Winterbourne Rabbits – Based in Bristol, Winterbourne Rabbits operates a non-profit rescue centre for re-homing rabbits and guinea pigs, specialising in adoption and pairing with a new companion.