Rabbit Rescues in Norfolk

Here is a list of the rabbit rescues in Norfolk that we know of. If you happen to know of any more that we haven’t mentioned here, then please do let us know.

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RSPCA Norwich and Mid Norfolk – Based in Norwich, they are part of the national RSPCA network.

West Norfolk RSPCA Rehoming Centre – Based in Tilney All Saints, they are part of the national RSPCA national network.

Faith Animal Rescue – Based in Hickling, Norwich, To provide a rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing service for abandoned, ill-treated, un-wanted and otherwise homeless animals.

Hillside Animal Sanctuary – Based in Frettenham, Hillside Animal Sanctuary was founded in 1995 to help and campaign for animals in need’ and most importantly, to bring public awareness to the millions of animals suffering every day in the intensive factory farming industry.

People For Animal Care Trust – Based in Woodrising, Near Hingham, People for Animal Care Trust (PACT) was established by a group of people dedicated to animal welfare, and registered as a charity in March 1995. The PACT animal sanctuary is one of the largest in East Anglia.