Rabbit Rescues in South Yorkshire

Here is a list of the rabbit rescues in south yorkshire that we know of. If you do happen to know of anymore that we haven’t mentioned here, then please do let us know.

Camp Nibble – Based in Leeds, they provide shelter and care to neglected, abused and abandoned animals, primarily rabbits.

Royston Animal Welfare – Based in Barnsley, Our main aim is pet rescue; helping animals in need from Barnsley, the surrounding South Yorkshire area & beyond and then finding them loving new homes.
We are involved in cat rescue, dog rescue and also rescue many small animals like rabbits & guinea pigs.

Barnsley Animal Rescue – Based in Barnsley, BARC was formed in 1995, at a time when many rescue centres were still putting healthy animals to sleep. We were the first in our local area to stop this. Every year, since then we have changed the lives of thousands of abandoned animals.
We think it’s important to provide the best possible care for our animals. Our kennels, cattery and rabbit sanctuary are all run by animal welfare experts. We provide physical and mental rehabilitation until they are ready for their new home.

South Yorkshire Animal Rescue – Based in Walkley, South Yorkshire Animal Rescue has been established for 27 years. We have been able to provide vaccinations and veterinary care for those sick and neglected animals who would otherwise have suffered and died.