Rabbit Rescues in West Yorkshire

Here is a list of the rabbit rescues in West Yorkshire that we know of.

If you happen to know of any more that we haven’t mentioned here, then please do let us know.

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Greenleaf Animal Rescue – Based in Bradford, GreenLeaf Animal Rescue currently takes in unwanted, neglected, injured and sick animals of all kinds-domestic and wild. These currently include mainly small animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters etc and small wildlife animals such as sick and injured wild rabbits, hedgehogs as they are now an endangered species.

RSPCA Bradford and District – Based in Bradford, they are part of the RSPCA national netowrk

RSPCA Halifax & Huddersfield District Branch – Based in Halifax, they are part of the national rspca network.

The Bunny Camp Sanctuary – Based in Bradford, The BUNNY CAMP SANCTUARY is a family run, independent, non profit making Rescue Centre for rabbits that have been neglected, mistreated, abandoned or simply unloved.

Blue Cross rehoming services – Based in West Yorkshire, We’ve been dedicated to the health and happiness of pets since 1897. Abandoned or unwanted, ill or injured – we do what’s needed to give every pet a healthy life in a happy home. We’re a charity, so the more help you give us, the more help we can give pets. By appointment only.