Useful Links

Rabbit Resource Sites

Rabbit Rehome – A superb site, full of useful information on rescue centres, information on rabbit care, and a forum as well

Rabbit Welfare Association – The RWAF has existed since 1996 and is the combined effort of the Rabbit Welfare Association and its charity partner, the Rabbit Welfare Fund, working to improve the lives of domestic rabbits across the UK through education and communication by making people realise that rabbits are intelligent creatures that need space, exercise, companionship and stimulation and are not to be bought on a whim.

Bunny hugga – Bunnyhugga is an international non-profit site raising the profile of rabbits as pets.   By providing simple, reliable rabbit information in a library of documents and links, it is designed to be a useful resource for experienced rabbit owners as well as an easy way in for those new to rabbits.

House Rabbit Society – A wealth of information about rabbits

Rabbit Blogs

A houseful of rabbits – The House of Rabbits is their house, in the Pacific Northwest, that they share with five rabbits of all sorts and sizes. (And a cat.) There you’ll meet the family and them, read about what they are up to, and hear about their relevant rabbit doings!

Rabbit Ramblings – A wonderul blog on the musings of life with rabbits.

The Life and Times of bunnies – The adventures of two bunnies living in one house together

Rabbit Health

PDSA – PDSA is the UK’s leading veterinary charity, caring for more than 400,000 pet patients belonging to people in need.

Pet MD – a list of rabbit diseases

Our other sites

Online Guinea Pig Care – The original Online care site for guinea pig owners.

Online Chinchilla Care – A resource for chinchilla owners dealing with all kinds of chin care issues.