15 Ways To Keep Your Rabbit Warm in the Winter

Now that summer is saying goodbye and fall is arriving, thoughts turn to how we can keep our beloved bunnies warm through the colder months.

It is important to keep rabbits warm as they do feel the cold.

So here are some ways you can keep your rabbit warm in the colder months.

1. Rabbits are quite hardy creatures and can survive the cold well. Its when the temperature falls below zero degrees centigrade, extra precautions need to be made such as the ones below.

2. If you have one rabbit, consider getting another one so that they can keep each other warm. By snuggling up against each other they can get warm from each other.

3. Straw makes a warmer bed than hay does as its thicker.

4. Be generous with the amount of hay and straw you give you bunnies. Don’t hold back and stock up regularly.

5. Clean out their hutches regularly and get rid of any damp straw immediately so they are not sitting on it for long. Put a layer of wood shavings underneath so it can absorb any wetness as well.

6. Don’t keep your bunnies locked up in a hutch. They still need exercise in their run and can live outside as long as they have somewhere warm and dry to retreat to when they need to get away from the cold.

7. If you have the space and the money, using a garden shed to keep your bunnies in is a great way of keeping them over winter. They give them the space to run around but keep them dry and warm at the same time.

8. If you are intending to bring your bunnies inside do it over the course of a few weeks so that they can get used to the change of environment and make sure that they have items that they are used to like and toys, boxes, water bottles, feeding trays etc.

9. Keep them away from draughts and damp. This means regularly checking the hutch or shed is free from leaks and that they have a dry bed of hay.

10. Its important that they always have a good supply of hay to sleep in and also to eat.

11. Keep rabbit runs and hutches warm by putting a tarpaulin over them and ensure that they have openings so that the rabbit can see through them and that the hutch and run have some air in it.

12. Put some insulation under the tarpaulin. This can be old duvets or blankets and provide some good padding, keeping the warmth in.

13. Snugglesafe heat pads are great for keeping rabbits warm especially at nights when the cold is more bitter.

14. Try and keep the wind off the run and hutch. You can use covers for this such as a good beach wind break.

15. Create a shelter within a shelter for them by taking a cardboard box or shoebox and filling it with fresh hay.

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