Rabbit Breeds: A Comprehensive List of Over 150 Varieties

Rabbit breeds are the many differing varieties of the wild rabbit which have been created either by natural selection of by selective breeding.

There are many different different breeds with different varieties within that particular breed coming in varying shapes, colours, and sizes.

We have attempted to cover each and every breed and variety around to today in our extensive list of rabbit breeds.

Use the contents table to guide you down the page, by clicking on the breed you choose.


It is a dual purpose rabbit, mainly kept for its fur and meat. It weighs between 7-8lbs

It is a dumpy and thickset rabbit. The Alaskan rabbit is one of the very few true black rabbits and has a coat that is a jet black colour and dumpy and dense in thickness.

It is not known how they were created, and there was also a white Alaska however it is now extinct.

It was known as a ‘Nubian’ in England and was extinct in that country until 1972 when it was reintroduced by Belgium Peter Townson.

It was previously used to create the black Rex rabbit.


This is a cross breed developed in the USA of Albino colouring

It has upright ears and weighs in at 13lbs.

It comes from Californian, Argente de Champagne and Flemish Giant crossings.


american blue rabbitThe American Rabbit was first originated by Lewis Salisbury from California. The very first American rabbits were a blue colour followed by some whites. The white American Rabbits played an important role in the creation of the New Zealand White rabbit which were mandolin-shaped with a broad back.

They usually weigh between 9-10lbs. They have a very dense coat with is inter-spread with strong guard hairs.

White American Rabbits are usually white all over where as Blues are a slate-blue all over their body.

Different varieties of American rabbit include;

   American Blue

Measures 9-12 lb and is a blue colouring

   American Albino

Measures 9-12 lb  and is a white colouring

American Sable

American sable breedOriginates in the USA from Chinchilla crosses. However they have a darker head, feet, back, ears and tail tip than Chinchillas.

They weigh in at between 7-15 lbs. Read more about their history here


The Angora is also known as the ‘Turkey’ rabbit or the ‘St Innocent’

It is a wool-coated rabbit and is believed to have been created in Asia Minor and was named as such because of its long silky coat

However, it has been bred extensively in England and some historians think it may have been created there.

It was introduced into mainland Europe in the middle ages and the European Angora is a much larger rabbit than the English Angora. It has the ability to produce a great density of wood each year and one European Angora can produce around 1 kg of wool each year.

These are the different types of Angora Rabbit;

   English Angora

English angora breedAlthough the name suggests otherwise, this is a french variety that weighs in between 5-8 lb.

It comes in many different colourings and has very long fur.

 French Angora

French angora rabbit breedThis is a french variety that has long fur and weighs in between 7-10lb.

It comes in many different colourings.

  Giant Angora

Giant angora rabbitThis large member of the Angora breed weighs in at 10 lb and comes from the USA.

   Satin Angora

Satin angora rabbit This variety weighs in at 3.0–4.5 kg and has many different colourings such as agouti, pointed white, self, shaded, sicked, and wide band.

It originated from a cross with a satin and a French angora.

   German Angora

Originating in Germany, it weighs in between 6-8 lb and comes in white and albino colourings.

Read more about them here from then German Angora International Breeders asscociation

   Chinese Angora
   Swiss Angora
   Finnish Angora
   Korean Angora
   St Lucien Angora


  • One of the most well known silver rabbits but also the smallest
  • It starts to grow its silver hair after 6-8 weeks and it is fully grown after around 7 months.
  • It was first described in 1631 by Gervase Markham
  • It was introduced to the United Kingdom in 1920

There are different varieties of Argente Rabbit

   Argente Blue
  Argente Brun
  Argente Clair
  Argente Creme
  Argente de Champagne

 Argente champagne rabbit breedThis variety weighs in at between 9-12lb and has one standard colour and its name means Silver (rabbit) of Champagne, which is the region of France where it was developed.

  Argente de Noir
  Argente St Hubert


  • It was created by Mrs De Ville Mathers in 1933
  • It had no guard hairs and its fur was curled and short across its body
  • It is said to be extinct  as it did not breed in a true way.

Read more about Astrex Rabbits here 


Originated in Egypt, weighing it at around 6lb.

It is a short and upright-eared rabbit that comes in black, red and white colourings

More information about the Baladi Rabbit here


Originated in Egypt weighing in at 8lb.

It is a short and upright-eared  rabbit and has an albino  colouring

Read more about the Bauscat here 


This is an extinct breed


This is a rabbit originating in the Netherlands and England.

It weighs in at 6.5 lbs and is a short and upright rabbit and has a light sand and dark chamois colouring.

Belgian Hare

Belgiun hare rabbit breedThis rabbit came from Belgium having been bred by selection from Giant rabbits.

Because its colour was like that of a wild hare, it was named as a hare with a mix of sandy and black with a white belly.

It was brought to the United Kingdom in 1874 by the Lamb Brothers.

Today it is a showy, elegant rich deep tan rabbit that is a much different colour from its ancestors.

New colours have been introduced which are Black and Tan, and White with black eyes.

Pet Planet has some good information on the Belgiun Hare here 


This is a breed from Belgium

They were often confused with another Belgium breed which was the St Nicholas which had a white blaze on its face. and was bred out.  It became the all-blue Beveren in the early 20th century of which there two types, the Brabacon and the Giant Beveren. A pointed Beveren was also recreated in 1984 by H.Nicholson

They tend to be blacks, browns and whites and more recently in lilac. They weigh no less than 7lbs

They have dense fur which is silky and lustrous of around an inch in length with a blue-lavender under-colour.

More information is found about Beveren Rabbits is found here

Big Silver Marten

Is now an extinct variety which weighed between 8-10 lb and was a short and upright rabbit which came in a red, black & tan and black colouring

Blanc De Bouscat

It originated in France in 1906 having been bred by Mme Dulon

It is the creation of several crossings between the Argente Champagne, the Angora and the Flemish Giant. It is bred mainly for its meat and fur. It as first known as the Ermine Rabbit

It was first shown in Paris in 1910. It is a very good breeder and able to produce litters of between 7-9 young. More mature young have a coat of soft, dense, silky, long and supple fur that has a gleaming sheen. Its weight is between 6.5-7lbs.

It is a breed at risk in France and is very rare in the United Kingdom.

Blanc De Chauny

It is thought that this breed originated from the Argente Champagne as this would have given it the white pelt with a brown/black  eye.

Unfortunately this breed is now extinct

It was bred mainly for its pelt which was snowy white and in high demand in the fur trade and was also used for imprinting and dyeing.

Blanc De Hotot

Blanc de hotly rabbit breedA French breed from patterned rabbits of dutch and bi-coloured butterfly breeds.

The Blanc De Hotot is a snowy-white, thickset bunny that has bold, black-brown eyes. It has very dense fur that is silky and gleaming. It has more recently been rexed by Herr Eikern of Switzerland.

It has appeared as a dwarf breed as well.

Blanc A L’oural

A breed that is now extinct.

A large white rabbit which was created by M Petrequin of France. It was last heard of in French Standards in 1927. It was known as an Albino Rabbit that had lustrous, dense fur which was pink of eye.

It weighed between 4-5 kg

Blanc de Popielno

This is a very rare large French rabbit which is often bred for meat. It is also known as the Popielno white.

Blanc de Termonde

A Belgium-bred cross of Flemish Giants and Beveren.

A large rabbit that has a rectangular body with large red eyes.

It has a snowy-white coat that is short and silky. It is bred for its meat and has been known to produce 2 kg of meat from four weeks old.

Blanc de Vendee

This breed of rabbit is bred for its meat and fur.

It is a cross of Beveren and Angora was bred by Mme Douillard of France in 1911.

An Albino was found in a litter of blue Beverens and was later crossed with the Angora to produce this breed.

It has very dense fur which is short, close and silky.

It has rose pink eyes and weighs between 3.5 – 4 kg.

It was recognised by the Breed standard in 1924.

Blue of Ham

This variety originated in Belgium and weighs in at between 10-13 lbs

It is a short and upright-eared rabbit

Blue of Sint-Niklaas

Rabbit breedThis rabbit originates in Belgium and weighs in between 10-13 lbs.

It is a short and upright-eared rabbit and has a blue colouring.

Bourbonais Grey

A French breed that was created by P. Champonnaud created from grey rabbits.

It is a rare breed and is compact, firmly muscled and meaty.

its coat is made up of different tints layered on top of each other beginning with a slate blue colour followed by light brown.

Its eyes are brown and circled by pale grey rings.

It weighs in at between 4-5 kg.


This rabbit is of Brazilian origin and weighs in at between 7-11 lb.

It is a short and upright-eared rabbit with a blue colouring.

Britannia Petite

Britannia petiteThis is of English origin and weighs in at between 1.5-2.5 lb.

It is a short and upright-eared rabbit and comes in different colourings such as Blue eyed white, red-eyed white, sable marten, chestnut, black otter, and black.

British Giant

This is of English origin and weighs in at between 12-13 lb.

It is a short rabbit with upright ears and comes in different colourings such as Brown Grey, Steel Grey, Opal, White, Blue and Black.

Brown Chestnut of Lorraine

A rare French breed which is small in stature that is well rounded with chestnut brown fur which is made up of layers of different shades.

It was bred by Charles Kaufmann from wild rabbits with the black and tan rabbit.

Its coat is short and dense and it has ears that are tinged with black.

It weighs between 1.5 and 2 kg.


This is a Spanish rabbit that has short fur and upright ears.

It comes in Red-eyed colouring


Californian rabbit breedBred by  a furrier by the name of Mr West from USA.

It is known as a good meat rabbit with usable pelt, being well rounded and firmly fleshed on fine bone.

it has a dense undercoat with coarser guard hairs of medium length.

Today it has the additional feature of lilac and chocolate points.

Carmagnola Grey

This is an Italian rabbit that weighs in at between 10-12 lb. It has short fur and upright ears and comes in a variety of colourings such as red yes, lilac or blue points, and white with chocolate.


A French commercial breed that was bred by M Wiltzer of France.

It is a hybrid that was created from all the white french breeds.

It has the idea meat formation with a minimum weight of 4 kg with their young reaching a carcass weight of 1.5 kg after just 10 weeks.

They are very good breeders and are able to breed a minimum of seven young per litter.

Checkered Giant

Checkered giant breedThis rabbit originated in Europe and weighs in at between 11-12 lb. It has short fur and upright ears and is coloured white with black markings.

It is a breed accepted by the ARBA and the BRC.


An English breed from a cross of a fox and chinchilla created by T Leaver in the United Kingdom.

It was produced in all kinds of colours

It was bred extensively for its fur which was 2.5 inches long and very dense, so much so that you could not see its skin.

After dying out for a time, it is now being bred extensively.


Chinchilla rabbitThere are different types of Chinchilla rabbit all sharing similar characteristics of a short chinchilla coat of fur and upright ears. However, they differ in size.

 Chinchilla (standard)

This variety is of French origin and weighs in at between 5-7 lb.

Chinchilla (American)

This rabbit orginates in the USA and weighs in between 9-12 lb.

Chinchilla (Giganta)

This is a french rabbit which is between 10-12 lb

 Chinchilla (Giant)

This rabbit originated in the USA and weighs in between 10-16 lb


It is a rabbit created in the USA by Ellis Housman.

It weighs in at 4.3 kg. It has thick and dense fur which is not too coarse or soft.

It has a rust or cinnamon colour that has an even smoke-grey ticking across its back that blends into smoke-grey on its flanks. It has its darkest colour on its underside.

It has an orange undercoat.

It has a distinct butterfly smut on its nose and small but very distinctive eye circles.

More information is found here 

Continental Giant

This rabbit originates in Europe and weighs in between 12-16 lb. It has short fur and upright ears and comes in many different colourings.


This rabbit origiates in Mexico

Cuban Brown

Originating in Central America this variety comes in a chocolate colour.

Czech Albin

Originating in Czech Republic it comes in a white colouring

Czech Spot

Czech red rabbit breedThis variety heralds from Czech Republic and weighs in between 6-8 lb.

It comes in a Tri-colour, Agouti, Blue or Black colour.

Czech Red Rabbit

This variety comes from Czech republic and weighs in between 4-5 lb. It has a chestnut colouring.


It originated in Holland in 1940 and was crossed between a Belgian Hare, a New Zealand Red, and a Chinchilla

It was created by G W Ridgehof and is a thick furred rabbit that had a powerful neck.

It weighed in at between 2.5-3.5kg and has very dense and close fur.

The under-colour is blue and the ears have black lacing like a hare does


List of rabbit breedsIt came from an ancient breed called the Dwarf Brabancon.

Although called the Dutch, it was originally bred in France.

It was bred to provide a meat rabbit of up to 7.9 lbs in weight.

It was known in France as the Nicard

The weight of the Dutch in the UK is today between 4.5 – 5 lbs, however the breed is larger and heavier in Europe.

The breed is now recognised in seven different colours and is one of the most popular breeds in Europe.

More information about Dutch rabbits can be found here 

Tri-colour Dutch

It originally came from Holland and was bred from marked rabbits, mainly the original Japanese.It is a small rabbit.

It is known as the Harlequin in the United Kingdom and as the Japanese elsewhere.

It has a patten of Dutch markings that have been superimposed with a harlequin or Japanese pattern.

It has thick fur with plenty of undercoat.

Dwarf Hotot

Rabbit breed dwarf hototThis German variety weighs in between 4-5 lb and has a white colouring with black around its eyes.

English Butterfly

It comes from the Common spotted rabbits.

It is a well proportioned rabbit and weighs in at between 6-8 lbs and has dense fur which is short and has a white body colour.

It has markings of various colours such as blue, black, grey, and chocolate. These body markings are well defined in the standard.

English Silver

They originated in Europe most probably in France.

At one time was known as the ‘RIche’.

It was once bred in its 1000’s in London in the late 19th century for its skins which were then exported.

The present day English Silver appears in European standards as the Argente Anglais in fawn, blue, cream, havana, brown and grey.

It is a medium size rabbit which is finely-boned  and has a short, glossy, fly-back coat.


elfin rabbit breedThis variety comes from Sweden and weighs in between 4-5 lb.

It comes in many different colourings.

Enderby Island

This variety comes from Australia and weighs in between 3-4 lb and comes in Crème and Champagne colouring.

English Spot

English Spot rabbit breedThis English variety weighs in between 5-8 lb.

It comes in many different colourings.

Fauve De Bourgogne

rabbit breedA well-known breed which is bred for show and for meat.

It originates from France from crossings of tawny-coloured wild rabbits and as created by A.Renard.

It weighs between 3.5 – 5 kgs and It is a rapid grower.  It is thickset and muscled and has a red tawny colour with a paler belly and pale eye circles.

Fee de Marboug

Fee de Marbourg rabbit breedComes from Germany from crossings of Havana rabbits

It is well known throughout Eastern Europe.

It has a slightly thickset body and is well rounded and finely boned. It has a short head and is well furred which is densely populated and silky in texture.

It has a light grey-blue colour with a light brown tint. It weighs around 2.75 kg.

Flemish Giant

Flemish giant rabbit breed

      There are two types of Flemish Giant, the original Flemish and the English.

They are crossings from Giant Rabbits.

It was bred on a large scale in Ghent, Belgium where there were numerous amateur breeders.

It has long ears, and a long cylindrical body

It weighs between 7-8.5 kg.

There are eight recognised colours in Belgium and France with Holland having more varieties.

The English Giant has only one colour and is much smaller compared to the Flemish

Florida White

Florida white rabbit breed

The Florida White is a compact and strong rabbit.

It weights around 5lbs.

It comes from the USA originating from Polish, Dutch, and New Zealand White.

It is a pure white colour all over.

It has a flyback coat meaning its coat of fur quickly returns to its original position once rubbed in the opposite direction.

American Fox

Comes from the USA, and originates from the crossing of Chinchilla, Self Checkers and English Checkers.

It is a large rabbit with white fur and black ears.

It has black eye circles.  It weighs in at between 9-12 lbs.

Silver Fox

silver fox rabbit breedOriginated in Germany and Italy in the 1920s.

They come from Chinchillas crossed with Black and Tan rabbits.

It weighs between 5.5 – 7 kg and its chest, feet and flanks are well flicked with silver guard hairs with extra ticking often spread over its back.

Swiss Fox

swiss fox rabbit breedIt comes from a cross with the Angora, Chinchilla, and Havana by M.Telfer.

They are coloured Black, white, and fawn and occasionally Havana. The length of coat should be a minimum length of 4 cm.


From Egypt weighing in at between 6–7 lb (2.7–3.2 kg). Has Short furred rabbit of Agouti colouring.

Giant British Rabbit

Created by Mr Kirk from Giants and the Flemish,  It is the largest of the British breeds.

It has a broad front, a flat top, with bold eyes and erect ears. It has a dense coat and is coloured white, black, dark steel, grey and brown and It tends to weigh around 11.5lbs.

Giant Papillon

Giant papillon rabbit breedThis European Rabbit weighs in at between 11-12 lb.

It has short white fur and has black markings.

Golden Fawn

This variety comes from Egypt and weighs in between 5-7 lb and is a white-albino colouring.

This is now an extinct species

 Golden Glavcot

They originally come from three brown rabbits which are the Havana, Siberian, and Brown Beveren.

After years of extinction, it was re-created by J. Irons in the UK in 1976. It has a broad band of blue that merges into brown and fur that is soft, fine and sense.


gotland rabbit breedThis variety comes from Sweden and weighs in between 6.6-9 lb.

Grey Swiss

Created in Switzerland from blue rabbits and agouti it is a small breed with a light grey-blue colour

It has a dense fur with plenty of undercoat.

Grey Pearl of Halle

This is a Belgiun breed from the Blue Beveren and Havana and was created by M. Veroort in 1910.

It weighs in at 2kg and has short furry ears with large eyes

Güzelçamlı rabbit

It comes from Turkey and weighs in between 5-8 lb. It is white with chocolate markings.

Ham Blue

Created in 1900 by the Ham-sur-Here rabbit club in Belgium.

It has soft and lustrous fur with short ears.  It has slate-blue colour with no white in evidence.

It is almost extinct as a breed.


harlequin rabbitCreated in France from the Dutch Tri-colour and was first known as the Japanese

In 1899 the french gave it a new ruling with yellow or orange with black. It has a dense coat of fur which is silky in texture and measures about an inch in length. The colours are divided into harlequins and magpies.

It weighs between 6-8lbs.


havana rabbitThe Havana is a dark brown rabbit and comes from Holland and was created in 1898.

It weighs in at 6lbs and has a short neck and a short back  and a very broad and rounded rump.


himalayan rabbitFrom China or North India from crosses with Silvered Rabbits

It has short, fine fur which is is pure white. Their feet and legs are long and and thin with black patches.  It weighs in at 4.5lbs

The large Himalayan

A variety of the Himalayan rabbit created by Mlle Lemaire

It is a well-muscled and compact rabbit also known as the Russe.

Hooded Rabbit

Also known as the Moscow Rabbit or Muscovy

It is described as having a double skin over its back into which it can withdraw its head.


They were created in Germany from Dutch Rabbits by H.Zemer.

It is a white rabbit with blue eyes and  is also known as the ‘Patterned Rabbit with blue eyes’

It was considered extinct but has now resurfaced and there are rare species around today


Coming from the Netherlands, this variety weighs in between 4-6 lb and has white colouring with blue eyes.

Hungarian Giant

Coming from Hungary, this variety weighs in between 12-15 lb and comes in many different colurings.

Jersey Wooly

jersey woolly rabbitThis variety comes from USA and weighs in between 2.5 and 3.5 lb. I

t comes in many different colourings.


This variety comes from Algeria and weighs in between 5-6 lb and has many different  colourings.

Land Kaninchen

Originally created in Germany from Giant Mottled Rabbits

It weighs in at between 10-12 lbs, It looks quite like a Giant Butterfly rabbit


Also known as the Dutch Gourwenaar and was created in the UK, Holland and Belgium.

It was produced by crossings with the Havanna and Blue Imperial

Lion Rabbit


lionhead rabbitOriginating in Belgium, Lionheads have a wool mane around their head’s and look quite like a minature male lion.

They have a high head mount, a compact upright body and short ears and they weigh between 2.5 to 3.75 lbs.

Liptov Baldspotted Rabbit

This variety comes from Slovakia and weighs in between 8-9 lb. It comes in Black and Agouti colourings.


A Lop is any rabbit whose eats fall from their head rather than sticking up. There are many different varieties of Lop which are listed below;

Cashmere Lop

Originating in England this is a medium sized rabbit that weighs in between 4-5 lbs.It has lengthy dense hair

Giant Cashmere Lop

A larger breed of the Mini Cashmere Lop

Mini Cashmere

A mini Lop with a Cashmere coat of fur. Weighs in at around 3.5 lbs.Requires consistent grooming.

Mini Lop

mini lopAlso known as the Dwarf Lop or Minature Lop, it is the third smallest Lop and a popular breed amongst owners being friendly and very playful rabbits.

English Lop

english lopIt was first bred in the 19th century and is thought to be the first breed selectively bred by humans.

It averages 11 lbs in weight. It has a bold head, large body and long ears.

French Lop

french lopFirst bred in France in the 19th century from an English Lop and a Flemish Giant.

It has shorter ears and a heavier body than the English Lop. It weighs in at about 4.5kg.

German Lop

They are a medium sized rabbit and originated in Germany in the 1960s to complement English,  dwarf and  French Lops. They are known for their pleasant personality .

They have a average weight: 2.9 – 3.9kg

Meissner Lop

Originated in Germany in the early 20th century when an English and French Lop were crossed wth a silver breed.

This is a very rare Lop characterised by its silver ticking in its coat

Holland Lop

holland lopA Small and compact breed with a stocky build and short, strong legs.

It first came to prominence in the 1960s in the Netherlands.

Miniature Lion Lop

minature lion lopThey are small rabbits with lopped ears and have a mane like a lionhead.

It weighs in at between 1.5-1.6kg.

American Fuzzy Lop

american fuzzy lopLooks similar to a Holland Lop, but with a short wooly coat.

They weigh it under 4lbs.

Velveteen Lop

They are a new breed with soft Rex velvety fur.

They weigh between 5lbs and 6.5 lbs.

Lorraine Lop (One Lop Ear)
Dwarf Lorraine Lop (One Lop Ear)
Plush Lop
Mini Plush Lop

They are quite a new breed and come in two sizes which are standard and minature.

It is the result of a cross between a Holland, mini Lop and a mini Rex.

Canadian Plush Lop

This is a curly breed created using an Astrex, a Holland Lop and Mini Rez base stock.

It originated in Canada and is the only fully arched all breed and one of two curly breeds.

Teddywidder Lop

teddywiderIt’s a long furred rabbit with fur that measures between 5-6cm in length.

They look a lot like fuzzy lops and are a new breed

Lorraine Rabbit

There are two distinct breeds of Lorraine Rabbit;

German (Lotharinger Riesen); which is a large rabbit and grey/blue in colour with long ears one of which is lopping. It is a cross between a French Lop and a Flemish Giant.

The German Checker or Rhenish Checker. This is a breed that is a cross between a Butterfly and Flemish Giant


Created by Herr Hoffmans in 1920

It comes from a cross between a Black and Tan with a Fee de Marbourg

It has three different components to its colouring, a plae silvery blue, a russet,and a white colour for its base.


mellerud rabbit breedComing from Sweden, this variety weighs in between 6.6 and 7.7 lb and has a black/white or albino colouring.

Netherland Dwarf

netherland dwarfAlso known as a European Pole. It was orginated in Holland and comes from Dutch, Polish, and British ancestry.

They have a great variety of colourings which are graded under agouti, self, patterned, tan, patterned, shaded and other different varieties.

Many different varieties have either been dwarfed, sanitised or rexed.

New Zealand White

They were originated in the USA by Joe Wojcjk and are of a Angoran, Flemish Giant and American White ancestry.

It is well known for being excellent for meat production.

It is a solid and firm rabbit with broad and full hindquarters with a large head and ears, dense, thick and coarse hair.

They weigh betwen 9-12 lbs

New Zealand Red

They were originated in USA  in the beginning of the 1900s.

It was created by crossing a Golden Fawn with a Belgian Hare and is a reddish sorrel colour.

British New Zealand Red

new zealand red rabbitIt has a golden red colour compared to the New Zealand Red and weighs much heavier as well.

New Zealand Black

Created in the USA by crossing a New Zealand White Buck and  a Red Doe and was bred first in 1949.

Old English Red

A breed that is now extinct


Comes from a Silver Fox and Rex ancestry and was successfully found in Germany, Switzerland and England.

It has a small, compact body and weighs in at between 6-8 lbs.

It has a dense, soft and lustrous fur which is carried at right angles to its body without fall so the pelt has the same appearance viewed from any angle.


Petite Brabancon

This is now an extinct breed


Paloamino rabbitThe Palomino comes in two types;

– The golden

– The Lynx

It originates in the USA and comes from a mix of beige and tawny rabbits and was first bred in 1952.

It weighs in between 9-10 lbs and is a golden colour with a cream undercoat.


Pannon White

Giant Papillon (French Butterfly)

Originating in France. It was created from a patterned rabbit.

It had a long stripe down its spine, coloured ears, a large coloured patch on its haunches and a coloured smut on its face.

It is a well known breed that is found across Europe and is always known by the country it is bred in.

Smoke Pearl

It originates in Scotland coming from a cross between from a cross of Sable rabbits.

It is bred in two colours and is a small rabbit f two colours.

It weighs in at between 6-7lbs


It comes from a cross between a Havana and a Marbourg Fee. and was created by Herr K Hoffman.

It has a dense fur and has a blue-grey pearly appearance.

It has a brown triangle at the nape of its neck.

Picard or Giant Normand

Originated in France from Flemish Giants and Common Agouti rabbits

It has a thickset, short  and weighs in at between 3.5-4lbs


Originated in England from warren rabbits crosses.

It has short fine fur and weighs in at between 2 – 2.5 lbs.

It comes in all kinds of colours and varieties.

The Rexes

Orignated in France from mostly common rabbits.

It has dense, plush, velvety fur which protrudes outwards from the body instead of lying flat.

It weighs in between 7.5 – 10 lbs and is available in many different colours and varieties.

Pointed Beveren



rex rabbit breed

The Rex originated in France in 1919 and has a dense, plush, velvety fur. The Rex mutation is recessive and means that their hair does not lie flat but instead protrudes out from their body.

This breed comes in the following varieties;

Standard Rex

They vary in weigh between 6-10 lb depending on where you are in the world.

Mini Rex

mini rex rabbitAs the name suggests, they are much smaller than standard rex’s, and weigh in between 2-4.25 lb

Astrex Rex
Opossum Rex


rhinelander rabbitOriginating in Germany it is a medium-sized rabbit known from its black and orange butterfly markings

It weighs in at between 6 – 10lbs

Rhone Rabbit

It is a tri-coloured rabbit with colours imposed on its white coat and markings.


This is now an extinct breed


This breed was bred to immitate a real sable fur.

It is a brown colour and was first bred from imported chinchillas in France.

There are two varieties of Sable with different coat colours. The Siamese Sable which is self-coloured and the Marten Sable which has a white ticking on its flanks, chest, rump and feet.

Sable de Vosges

They orginated in France from a Sable, Sable Rex, Thuringer and Angora ancestors.

It weighs in at between 2.5 – 3.5 kgs.

They are a light sandy brown colour.

Marten Sable Or Zibeline

Siamese Sable


sachsengold rabbitComing from Holland, it has a scarlet and orange coat. They are also known as the Thrianta.

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St Nicholas Blue


San Juan


satin rabbitThey weigh in between 6-8 lb, have short and very shiny fur and come in all self colours.

   Satin Mini

As opposed to the standard Satin, they weigh in between 4-5 lb.



They measure between 5-7 lb and have short fur and upright ears.

Silver Marten

silver marten breedThey weigh between 6.5-8.5 lb and are a medium-sized variety.

Their fur has a polished sheen to it and there are four varieties;

Black Silver Marten

The most popular of the breed which is a jet black colour with silver markings

Blue Silver Marten

They have a blue colouring with sharip markings in the blue variety.

Chocolate Silver Marten

A rich dark brown variety with a slightly lighter belly.

Sable Silver Marten

The least common of the breed. It is a medium sepia brown


This is English breed is now extinct

Smoke Pearl

Spanish Giant



They are English by origin, and weigh in at between 7-8 lb. They have a gold or cream colouring.


This is now an extinct breed


They are Moroccan by origin and weigh in between 4-5 lb. They have an agouti colouring.

Tan Rabbits

tan rabbit breedThe Tan rabbit is a small breed of rabbit which is shown around the world.

There are four varieties as shown below. Full Tans weigh in at between 4-6 lb.

Chocolate Tan
Blue Tan
Lilac Tan
Black and Tan (Noir and Feu)

They come from England and found on an estate in Brailsford close to Derby in the Midlands by a Mr Cox who put a large number of different breeds into his warren and from this experiment, the Black and Tan was produced.

They are still known to appear on a wild estate in Scotland

A standard for the Black and Tan was established in 1891 and there followed the National Black and Tan Club.

Then a Black and Tan was crossed with a sooty fawn short eared doe to produce a Blue and Tan.

The Black and Tan was introduced to mainland Europe in 1894 and is now a popular rabbit throughout the continent.

It weighs between 5.5-6lbs.


They are German of origin and weigh in at 9 lb.


vienna rabbit breedThey measure between 7-9 lb and come in blue, black, agouti, and white colourings.

Grey Vienna

Wachtebeke Rabbit


They weight in between 5.5-7 lb and are a fawn or pale yellow colouring.

Wheaten Lynx

They weigh in between 5.5-7 lb and are a orange shot silver colouring.



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